Where are the secret doors in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

Outlook Point
Secret Doors are a special type of sticker found in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They are located exclusively at Outlook Point and sell for 80 coins.

What happens when you find Luigi in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

You can find Luigi in five locations in Paper Mario Sticker Star. Each time you see him, you can Paperize to pull him out. When you pull him off the page, a humorous article will appear in the leftmost house in the area between Decalburg and the Stick Fest grounds, the article will be on the table under the clock.

How do you beat the gate cliff in Paper Mario?

Go to the gate cliff in the ship, then go outside the ship. Kersti will say that the royal stickers are glowing. Check the album, choose each sticker, and they will start to light up the cliff. Once you see five lights, use Kersti to paperize and pull of this section.

How do you get past the Goomba fortress in Paper Mario?

The player can pass this by switching to Paperize Mode and placing two unwanted stickers over the fans, the player will quickly have to cross the bridge again, for they won’t last. Then Mario reaches another outside area with gates blocking the way and more Bob-ombs, which Mario must lure to clear the way.

How do you open the door in Shiver City?

When Mario and his partners go through Toad Town Tunnels, they arrive at a place where Mario must do Tornado Jumps to reveal some Hidden Blocks. With the help of these blocks, they are able to reach the blue door to a frozen pipe, which leads to Shiver City.

Can you play as Luigi Paper Mario Sticker Star?

On your way to the very first boss of the game, Luigi can be seen on the ledge while you are crossing the bridge to get into the tower. This Luigi cameo cannot be missed and will be passed as you play through the game.

Where is World 2 in Paper Mario Sticker Star?

World 2 is the second world in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, located east of Decalburg. The world takes place in the desert (similar to the desert worlds in the Mario platformers, like World 2 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well as Dry Dry Desert from Paper Mario ), and is the second-shortest world in the game, with only five levels.

How do you move around in Paper Mario Sticker Star?

As you know, Paper Mario: Sticker Star has a World Map not unlike the New Super Mario Bros. games. You can move anywhere there is a path; each colored circular space represents a stage. Initially, only the first stage in a given world will be accessible; you need to beat W1-1 to open the path to W1-2 on the map, and so on.

What is the first version of Paper Mario Sticker Star?

More to come! Version 0.4 (11/16/12): The first version, which covers through World 4-3. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the latest installment of the legendary Paper Mario series, and the first on a portable system. Like its predecessors, it maintains the simplistic paper style of the landscape and characters.

How do you get the yellow Bowser sticker in Super Mario 64?

At the far end, peel the Worn-Out Hammer Sticker if needed, then go behind the eastern bush and jump to get a Hopslipper Sticker from the block. If you knocked over all of the bushes, you will see the yellow Bowser Sticker covering a section of the ground.