Where can I find the value of old notes?

If you have any notes of this series, you can go to websites like eBay, Quikr, CoinBazzar and other similar platforms and collect the price for your particular note there. These websites provide a platform for the auction of rare Indian currency notes and coins.

Which Indian note is valuable?

There is a one rupee note that is listed for Rs 45,000 online. This unique note has the signature of former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor HM Patel. A 100 rupees note with serial number 000786 is being sold for Rs 1,900 online.

What is illegal money India?

In India, black money is funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. Also, the unaccounted money that is concealed from the tax administrator is called black money.

What happens to old notes in India?

According to the information, RBI does not recycle old notes i.e. those notes are not reintroduced after closure. The speciality of old notes is that they do not completely dissolve in water nor leave colour. In such cases, they can be used to make other paper items.

How can I sell my old Indian currency notes?

An easy way of selling old notes and currencies is through the popular website eBay. The platform allows an individual to sell and buy unique currency notes and coins. Even though there are many other platforms for such purposes, eBay is trusted most by the buyers and the sellers.

How do I sell my old currency?

How to Sell Notes and old coins online?

  1. Navigate to the specific website www.ebay.com.
  2. Create an account as a seller.
  3. Upload a transparent image of the note/coin you want to sell.
  4. Along with the small print, write your location.
  5. Offer your price.
  6. People who are interested will contact you.

Which country has highest black money in the world?

The “grandfather of tax havens”, Switzerland continues to top the index with a score of 73. “Swiss banking secrecy is far from dead, though [the country] has curbed its secrecy somewhat,” TJN said in a statement.

Can I exchange old 10 notes?

Take them to your bank If you have old paper notes that are no longer in circulation, your bank may exchange these for you, for a limited time, however this is down to the banks’ discretion.

Is selling old notes legal in India?

Answers (1) Yes you can sell old coins and notes in India and you can do so even online websites like eBay etc. However they can be sold like goods and to people like coin collectors and won’t be a legal tender for exchange.