Where can I rockhound in Idaho?

The best places to rockhound in Idaho are in streams and river gravels, particularly in the Clearwater and Salmon Rivers. Old mine tailings in areas like the Seven Devils district are great for finding gemstones, and the Spencer Opal Mine is a great option for finding raw fire opals.

Can you find geodes in Idaho?

Quartz-lined geodes can be found in the upper valley of Lost River in Custer County, near the DeLamar Silver Mine in Owyhee County, and northwest of the town of Weiser, Idaho in Washington County. Usually no permits are needed for amateurs to collect rocks on Idaho public lands.

Can you dig for gems in Idaho?

Gems Found in Iowa Idaho’s state gem is the star garnet. Throughout the state there are numerous and popular gem-hunting spots where enthusiasts can find deposits of corundum, jasper, agate, opal, garnet, topaz and zircon.

Where can I find agates in Idaho?

You can find agates in Idaho in places such as Owyhee County – green and red specimens, smokey, mos, or polka dot agates. In Washington County, you can find agates in Mann Creek, and they are highly prized due to their iridescence.

What gems is Idaho known for?

Idaho Gemstones. Although Idaho has a variety of gem mineral deposits including rock crystal and amethyst, jasper, chalcedony, agate, agatized wood, opal, garnet, aquamarine, topaz and zircon, only a few of the nationally-significant Idaho deposits are discussed in this module.

Is there opal in Idaho?

In Idaho, Opal is the second largest contributor to the total value of gem material produced. The varieties produced include precious (white and pink), yellow, blue, pink, and common. The Spencer Opal Mine, the largest privately owned gem stone producer in the State, is the major producer of Opal.

Where can I dig for crystals in Idaho?


CRYSTALS – QUARTZ CUSTER Near Bayhorse and in Yankee Fork Mining District
BENEWAH Crystal Peak northeast of Fernwood
IDAHO McKinley Gulch in Slate Creek and Ruby Meadows
OWYHEE Long Gulch south of Silver City

Where can I dig for opal in Idaho?

The small town of Spencer in eastern Idaho is often referred to as “The Opal Capital of America”. After all, it’s here you’ll find the largest opal mine in the state—Spencer Opal Mine—where you can dig for your own opals.

Where is agate found in Idaho?


AGATES – RED Cryptocrystalline Quartz CUSTER 3 miles west of Challis
AGATES – RED & GREEN Cryptocrystalline Quartz OWYHEE Eastern fringe of Succor Creek
AGATIZED WOOD CUSTER 12 miles south of Challis along US 93A
WASHINGTON Hog Creek 8-10 miles northwest of Weiser

Where can I find fire opals in Idaho?

GEM – Fire opal is found in the lava beds of Squaw Butte near Emmett. The opals are salmon pink or cherry red in color and display great brilliance. Most are very small, but some have been large enough to cut into fine stones. Near the opal deposits agates of light blue color abound.

Are there rubies in Idaho?

Rubies are rare no matter where you are, and when it comes o Idaho, you might find them in Adams County. You have to go to the New Meadows, in the Rock Flat area. Some rubies have been found in Valley County as well.