Where did Danielle Murr go?

Hill and Murr moved to WEEI in July 2019 when parent company Entercom Communications decided to replace morning drive program “Mut and Callahan.” Since the station switch, Murr has been the most prominent female on-air personality in Boston sports radio.

Who is Danielle Murr?

Danielle Murr (@DanielleMurr) / Twitter. Former morning radio person learning how to sleep late. Very Boston. Self-proclaimed patroness saint of orphaned animals.

Is Danielle Murr leaving WAAF?

Boston-based radio host Danielle Murr has announced she’s leaving the WEEI station and The Greg Hill Show, which she co-hosts. She’s been with the show since 2005 when it aired on WAAF, according to Boston.com, and she stayed with the show when it transitioned to WEEI back in 2019.

Is Greg leaving WEEI?

A member of The Greg Hill Show will no longer be on it because of a new role at the station. On Tuesday, Ken Laird announced he has a new role at WEEI as Operations Manager and will no longer be producing the show. The show will now begin the search for his replacement.

What happened to Greg Hill?

In the wake of Gerry Callahan’s announcement that he’d hosted his last show on WEEI, parent company Entercom announced that WAAF’s Greg Hill will move to the sports talk station to host “The Greg Hill Morning Show.” The longtime WEEI host announced that he had appeared on his last show at the station.

When did Dale Arnold retire?

March 12, 2021
Dale Everett Arnold (born March 27, 1956) is a New England sportscaster. He hosts Boston Bruins broadcasts on NESN and co-hosted talk radio shows on WEEI until his retirement from radio on March 12, 2021, announced the day before.

How much does Greg Hill make?

What is the salary of Gregory Hill? As the Chief Operating Officer and President and Exploration & Production of Hess, the total compensation of Gregory Hill at Hess is $11,643,200.

Where is Lyndon Byers now?

Today, Lyndon is co-host of the Hill-Man Morning Show on WAAF in Boston, and he maintains a less forceful, and more playful demeanor.

What is Greg Hill’s salary?

What town does Greg Hill live in?

Greg grew up in Stow, MA, and is a lifelong resident there. For nearly three decades, he was the host and namesake of The Hill-Man Morning Show on WEEI’s sister station WAAF. Hill is a Boston fixture since beginning his career at WAAF in 1986 in the promotions department and on air since 1991.

Where is Andy Gresh now?

Gresh left the Sports Hub in 2015 and is now with WTIC-AM in Hartford, CT.

Is Dale Arnold married?

Dale Arnold
Spouse(s) Susan Arnold
Children 3
Sports commentary career
Team(s) Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Boston College Eagles football