Where do I start the companion quest in eso?

The ESO Companions can be found in the collections menu under Allies.

  • Collections > Allies > Companions.
  • To open up the Companions menu you have to interact/talk with the Companion and then click on Companion Menu.
  • Higher quality gear can be obtained from monster drops throughout the world, particularly from bosses.

How can I buy Moonmirth house?

Moonmirth House is a small player house in Laughing Moons Plantation. The house has one large room. To purchase this house with Gold, you need to complete the Maormer’s Bane achievement and Room to Spare.

How do you get Bastian in eso?

You can unlock Bastian by purchasing the Blackwood Chapter for ESO and then completing his Introduction Quest in the Blackwood zone. Bastian is initially found at the Southern edge of Blackwood at Deepscorn Hollow.

How do you get a companion in Blackwood?

So long as you have access to the Blackwood Chapter, you can unlock two Companions through completing associated quests in the Blackwood zone. Once their quests are completed, you will receive their respective Companion collectibles.

How do I start the Companions questline?

Skyrim Guide – How to Join The Companions

  1. First, you’ll want to visit Whiterun.
  2. Talk to Kodlak Whitemane at Whiterun’s Jorrvaskr meadhouse to kick off the Companions quests.
  3. Embark on the Take Up Arms quest.
  4. Follow Vilkas to the training grounds and, when he says so, take a swing at him with a weapon.

How do you get black vine Villa?

How to obtain Black Vine Villa

  1. Can be purchased unfurnished from the crown store for 2250 crowns.
  2. Can be purchased furnished from the crown store for 2800 crowns.

What race is Bastian?

Online:Bastian Hallix

Bastian Hallix
Race Imperial Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Competition and Contracts

What race is bastion ESO?

Bastian Hallix is a Companion in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)….

Bastian Hallix
Class Dragonknight
Race Imperial
Perk Bastian’s Insight
Recruit Deepscorn Hollow in Blackwood

How do you unlock companion Hades?

After earning their favor, companions can be acquired by giving them Ambrosia for the first time. All companions: Can be equipped in the courtyard’s display case before a run. Unlike Keepsakes, Companions may not be changed mid-run after defeating the final boss of a biome.

Can you complete the Companions Questline without becoming a werewolf?

The official guide for Skyrim says you don’t have to become a werewolf and can still complete the Companions questline. Farkas says you won’t be forced into it in the game.