Where do the wealthy live in Kansas?

GAIN ACCESS TO EVERY LOCAL INSIGHT, LEAD AND MORE! Kansas City metro neighborhoods making the list included Mission Hills (Mission Hills), Hallbrook Farms-The Woods (Leawood), Waterford-Leawood South (Leawood), and the Country Club Plaza District (Kansas City).

What is the wealthiest suburb of Kansas City?

Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Kansas City, MO

  • Greenway Fields. Population 633. 60 %
  • Sunset Hill. Population 921. 53 %
  • Arnour Fields. Population 2,107. 50 %
  • Romanelli West. Population 706. 33 %
  • Wornall Homestead. Population 750. 29 %
  • South Plaza. Population 2,537. 26 %
  • Roanoke. Population 484. 26 %
  • Unity Ridge. Population 513. 26 %

What is the richest area in Kansas?

Olathe is the wealthiest city in Kansas, narrowly edging out several other Kansas City-area cities like Overland Park and Shawnee. The median household income in Olathe of $94,292 is more than $32,000 higher than the state median.

What are the wealthy suburbs of Dallas?

Here are the 10 richest areas in Dallas, Texas.

  • Greenway Parks.
  • Preston Hollow.
  • Lakewood.
  • Russwood Acres.
  • Bluffview.
  • Glen Abbey.
  • Melshire Estates.

What is the wealthiest county in Kansas?

Kansas counties ranked by per capita income

Rank County Per capita income
1 Johnson $37,882
2 Scott $28,872
3 Greeley $28,698
4 Ness $27,622

How many millionaires are in Kansas?

62,073 millionaire households
Taxes in Kansas aren’t kind to retirees, either. Against that backdrop, the Sunflower State has 62,073 millionaire households out of a total of about 1.1 million households.

Is Overland Park Kansas wealthy?

Overland Park may be one of the best places to live. But it has nothing on Mission Hills when it comes to lifestyles of the rich and famous. Forbes Magazine this week ranked the northeast Johnson County suburb — population 3,500 — as the country’s third-most-affluent neighborhood.

Where is the rich area in Texas?

Located in Bexar County and part of the San Antonio metropolitan area, Fair Oaks Ranch is the wealthiest city in Texas.

What is the nicest area of Dallas?

Breaking down the data even more, the Top 10 best neighborhoods to live in Dallas-Fort Worth were as follows:

  • Cotton Creek South (Richardson)
  • Heights Park (Richardson)
  • Canyon Creek South (Richardson)
  • Timberbrook (Plano)
  • Preston Highlands (Dallas)
  • Canyon Creek North (Richardson)
  • Douglass Community (Plano)

How many millionaires live in Kansas?


Rank State Number of millionaire households
29 Oklahoma 75,567
30 Iowa 73,129
31 Utah 71,613
32 Kansas 66,406

How many billionaires are in Kansas?

2 billionaires
The first billionaire ever is thought to be Standard Oil magnate John D. Rockefeller back in 1916, or perhaps Henry Ford in 1925.

How many billionaires live in Kansas?