Where does Aashika Bhatia stay?

Bhatia lives in her own house with her family in Mumbai, India.

Is Aashika Bhatia and Roshan Gupta relationship?

The actress recently broke up with her boyfriend Roshan Gupta. Aashika Bhatia gives a befitting reply to trolls. Television actress and popular social media star Aashika Bhatia has hit back at trolls for commenting on her personal life. The actress recently parted ways with her boyfriend Roshan Gupta.

Who is Ashika Bhatia?

Aashika Bhatia is an Indian actress, model, and dancer who predominantly works in the Hindi television and film industry. She is also very popular over social media as she uploads interesting comedy and dance videos on her accounts.

Why is Aashika Bhatia famous?

Aashika has appeared in many popular TV shows including “Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi” (as Ginni), “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” (as Nikki Dixit), and “Ek Shringar- Swabhiman.”

Where does Satvik sankhyan live?

Born On 30 August 1999, He Completed His Education From Chandigarh, India. Where Does Satvik Sankhyan Live? He Is Indian By Nationality. Currently, He Is Living In Mumbai, India.

Why Aashika and Satvik break-up?

A quick recap on what led to their break-up. Aashika had stated that for her, career comes first while in the case of Satvik, he had said that he gave her enough chances. Soon after their split, there were rumours of Aashika finding love in her friend Roshan, however, she had cleared the air in her LIVE video.

Who is Rosh Gupta?

Rosh Gupta (Roshan) is famous Known as Tik Tok Star, Model, Influencer, Lip Sync Artist and Dancer.

Why did Satvik and Aashika breakup?

How old is Arishfa Khan?

19 years (April 3, 2003)Arishfa Khan / Age

Where is Vishal Pandey live?

He has million of fans on the video platform Tiktok. The videos made by him are very much liked. Apart from this, Vishal is also part of Tiktok group “Teen Tigada”, which includes television artists Sameeksha Sud and Bhavin Bhanushali….Bio.

Real Name Vishal Pandey
Nationality Indian
Home Town Ahmedabad, Gujarat