Where is BendPak made?

BendPak has automotive lift manufacturing facilities overseas, specifically in China. They manufacture their lifts in a modern factory that meets and exceeds all safety ANSI standards. You can be sure that any BendPak lift you buy is of the highest quality and will last for years.

What 2-post lift is best?

The Best 2-Post Car Lift

  1. APlusLift Two-Post Overhead Auto Car Lift.
  2. Bendpak Dual-Width Asymmetric 2-post Car Lift.
  3. XK 10000 Pounds 2-Post Car Lift.
  4. Triumph NT 11000-Pound Two-Post Auto Lift.
  5. Triumph NT9FP 9000-Pound Auto Lift.
  6. Chien Rong CR Overhead Two-Post Lift.
  7. CR 10000-LB 220V Auto Lift.

What 2 post lifts are made USA?

Backyard Buddy. Proudly made in the U.S.A., our 4-post lifts provide world-class Quality, Safety, and Strength. Backyard Buddy lifts are trusted by thousands of Americans every day due to our high-quality steel, innovative mechanisms, and industry leading warranty.

What brand of car lifts are made in USA?

Mohawk Lifts are proudly 100% designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A. At Mohawk, we stand behind the “Made in the USA” label that we put on our automotive garage lifts.

Did BendPak buy MaxJax?

— BendPak Holdings L.L.C. has acquired certain garage-equipment and tool assets from Garage Equipment Supply Inc., including the Dannmar, MaxJax and Garage Equipment Supply equipment brands. “Through this acquisition, we welcome Dannmar, MaxJax, and Garage Equipment Supply to the BendPak group.

Why choose bendpak two-post lifts?

Our two-post lifts are respected all around the world for their top-notch craftsmanship, forward-looking technology and feature-rich designs. Automotive service pros have been raving about our auto lifts for years. If this is your first BendPak purchase, you’re about to find out what sets us above the rest.

Are bendpak lifts Ali certified?

No matter the capacity of the model you choose, BendPak has an ALI Certified car lift for you. Our lighter-duty 9,000-lb. and 10,000-lb. capacity lifts cater to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Telescoping swing-arms are tailor-made for either symmetric or asymmetric design.

How much weight can a bendpak lift handle?

BendPak models service up to 18,000 lbs. We know you demand uncompromising quality from productive machines that maximize lift time and get the job done safely. That’s why our rugged two-post lifts deliver on our promise of superior performance.

Is the bendpak xpr-12fdl a good car lift?

If you appreciate the superior quality of a BendPak XPR-9 or 10 series two-post lift but need more lifting power, the XPR-12FDL is an open-top car lift that’s packed with pure, brutish muscle. Like its Clearfloor sister-lift, it offers superior Direct-Drive performance.