Where is Dallas Car Sharks?

Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex
Dallas Car Sharks is an automotive reality show currently airing on Motor Trend that takes place in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

Is FantomWorks staged?

Unlike some other classic car shows, you knew everything that happened on the show was real. There was no manufactured drama on FantomWorks. Sometimes the right part was unavailable, while other times the clients had outrageous demands. Still, the crew always came through in the end.

Was Big Easy Motors Cancelled?

Unfortunately, the reality TV show aired for only one season starting from July 2016 to July 2017, with sixteen episodes. Although voted by a handful of people, Big Easy Motors has scored a whopping 9.8/10 on Premier Date which says a lot about its fresh and thrilling content.

Who is the girl on FantomWorks?

Dan Short
Audrey Sickles

Who owns Big Easy Motors?

Trey is the mastermind behind the mechanics, and is the co-owner of The Bomb Factory with Charles. The two first met in 2002 after Charles saw Trey working on a classic car in his friend’s backyard.

What kind of doctor is Charles Handler?

industrial-organizational psychologist
Dr. Charles Handler is an industrial-organizational psychologist and talent assessment specialist. He’s the President and Founder of Rocket-Hire, a talent consultancy that has partnered with hundreds of leading companies.

What is Dallas Car Sharks?

” ‘ Dallas Car Sharks’ stars a North Texas mom and son who compete against each other (but sort of work together)”. The Dallas Morning News. Archived from the original on June 1, 2015.

How many seasons of Dallas Car Sharks are there?

Dallas Car Sharks was one of the Automotive series, along with Overhaulin’ which was a similar series that was aired for the fourth year and had a total of five seasons. The show started increasing the views for the channel especially for people who were car enthusiasts.

Who is Tommy Spagnola?

Tommy Spagnola is a businessman who started his dream job on his own. Tom Spagnola Sr. died when Tommy was very young. Tommy had nothing to survive, but a $1000 loan from a bank and determination.