Where is elf cosmetics located?

Oakland, California
e.l.f. Cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand based in Oakland, California.

Is Elf a good brand of makeup?

Overall, e.l.f. is a dependable brand for good-quality makeup, which is surprising considering how inexpensive their products are.

Are ELF products cruelty free?

e.l.f. has been and still is 100 percent committed to being cruelty-free and vegan. The cosmetics company uses only animal-free materials. All its brushes and false eyelashes are 100 percent synthetic. Animal hair is never used.

Are elf cosmetics made in China?

Where are ELF Cosmetics’ products made? ELF Cosmetics are made in China. *Note: Cosmetics made in China are not required to be tested on animals. Only cosmetics that are imported and sold in physical stores in mainland China are required to be tested on animals according to China’s animal testing laws.

Why is elf makeup so popular?

Founded in 2004 by makeup enthusiasts Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba, e.l.f. is a vegan, cruelty-free makeup brand that’s taken the world by storm. With most of the brand’s products ranging from $3-$10, e.l.f. believes that high-quality products shouldn’t have to be incredibly expensive.

What company owns elf?

TPG Growth II Management, LLC
The company is majority owned by TPG Growth II Management, LLC, which acquired the company in January 2014. TPG elf Holdings, L.P. owned 56.8% of shares prior to the offering.

Is Elf a cheap brand?

Well, according to Byrdie, e.l.f.’s entire collection of products range between $2 and $50, but the majority of their products are typically less than $10 (via e.l.f).

Does Elf use child labor?

We are opposed to human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, harassment and abuse, and other violations of human rights at any level, and we are committed to ensuring that the manufacturers and suppliers we work with meet our standards.