Where is Franklin Templeton headquarters?

San Mateo, CAFranklin Templeton Investments / HeadquartersSan Mateo is a city in San Mateo County, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula. About 20 miles south of San Francisco, the city borders Burlingame to the north, Hillsborough to the west, San Francisco Bay and Foster City to the east and Belmont to the south. The population is 105,661 per the 2020 census. Wikipedia

Is Franklin Templeton a public company?

As of October 12, 2020, Franklin Templeton held US$1.4 trillion in assets under management (AUM) on behalf of private, professional and institutional investors….Franklin Templeton Investments.

Headquarters in San Mateo, California
Trade name Franklin Templeton
Type Public company
Traded as NYSE: BEN S&P 500 component
Industry Financial services

What does Franklin Templeton company do?

Franklin Templeton has grown from being recognized as one of the best small companies in America to being considered a premier global investment management organization. We offer clients a valuable perspective shaped by our seven decades of experience, investment expertise and growing global reach.

What type of fund is Franklin Templeton?

Fixed Income Funds Franklin Templeton offers a number of different types of income-producing funds, each with its own characteristics and level of risk, including government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, securitized assets, bank loans, and currencies.

What’s wrong with Franklin Templeton?

All the schemes were holding highly illiquid and large portions of low-rated securities. As a result, the fund house had challenges meeting the redemption requests amid deteriorating credit environment due to sluggishness in the economy. The schemes also had to resort to borrowing to meet the redemption pressure.

What is the latest news about Franklin Templeton?

Franklin Templeton unitholders to receive Rs 983.81 crore under their six shut schemes. Post this payout, the schemes would have returned Rs 26,098.19 crores to unitholders amounting to 103.50% of the assets under management as of April 23, 2020.