Where is the East Frisian chain?

Lower Saxony, Germany
The East Frisian Islands (German: Ostfriesische Inseln, West Frisian: Eastfryske eilannen, Saterland Frisian: Aastefräiske Ailounds) are a chain of islands in the North Sea, off the coast of East Frisia in Lower Saxony, Germany.

How do you get to Juist island?

75 Minute Boat Ride For starters, getting to the island is only possible by boat during high tide. From the Norddeich-Mole train station, tourists take a 75-minute boat ride to the island. And even once you’re on the island, standard everyday travel is very different compared to most places.

Who do the Frisian Islands belong to?

The East Frisian Islands (German: Ostfriesische Inseln) belong to Germany and extend from the Ems River estuary eastward to Jade Channel, the outer part of Jade Bay, with two small islands, Scharhörn and Neuwerk, lying near the estuary of the Elbe River.

How many islands are in Wadden Sea?

Wadden Sea/Islands

Where is Juist located?

Juist (German pronunciation: [ˈjyːst]) (Low German: Juist) is an island and municipality in the district of Aurich in Lower Saxony in Germany. The island is one of seven East Frisian Islands at the edge of the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea in the southern North Sea.

How many islands does Germany have?

Some 50 islands in the North Sea and Baltic Sea belong to Germany, nearly all of them slow-paced and pristine nature sanctuaries.

What is special about Wadden Sea?

The Wadden Sea is the largest tidal flats system in the world, where natural processes proceed largely undisturbed. It extends along the coasts of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. For its globally unique geological and ecological values the Wadden Sea is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Where should I stay in Wadden Islands?

Spend the night in a historic lighthouse.

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