Where is the hidden stump in lofty castle?

Lofty Castle: Destroy hidden stump From the platform you’re on, jump directly to your right onto a grassy platform with a tree. Then jump to the next one in front of you with a smaller tree. Behind the tower in front of you is the platform with the hidden stump, so you’ll have to jump and glide around it.

How many gems are in each world Spyro?

Here are the total number of gems, dragons, and eggs you can find in each world in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Artisans: 100 Gems, 4 Dragons. Peace Keepers: 200 Gems, 3 Dragons, 1 Egg. Magic Crafters: 300 Gems, 3 Dragons, 2 Eggs.

How do you get on the ledge in lofty castle?

Kill the Cupid for another Blue Gem, then bust the two Fan Chests on the balcony to collect two Green Gems. This area is where you can find Lofty Castle’s Skill Point in Reignited. Facing the islands you can Glide to from the balcony here, look right to spot a grassy ledge with a tree that you can Glide to.

How do you destroy the stump in lofty castle?

Lofty Castle: Destroy hidden stump You’ll know you’re close when you come across a skinny platform with a tree on it. From there, jump to the next ledge with a tree on it. Then, you should be able to see another grassy area. Make the slightly awkward jump to find the stump, and smash it.

How do you get 100 percent on Spyro the Dragon?

As Magnus explains, to access Gnasty’s Loot, you’ll have to reach 100% completion (shown in the Inventory Menu) to open the green dragon head to the Portal. Getting 100% means you’ll have to rescue all 12 Eggs, rescue all 80 Dragons, and collect no less than 12,000 Gems!

Do you need all the gems in Spyro?

Spyro will need all 15,000 gems in the game to unlock the Super Bonus Round. Once there, Spyro can collect 5,000 more to make 20,000 in the game total. Like the gnorcs and various enemies in the first game, the Sorceress’s army of Rhynocs and various other enemies in this game will turn back into gems when defeated.

How do I get no electric floor damage?

You have to complete the level “Terrace Village” without touching the electric floor. It felt like to me that they increased the cooldown timer from the electric floor guys.