Where should I live near Fort Wainwright?

Fairbanks, AK With a population of over 35,000, the city is located about 17 miles from the Fort Wainwright military installation. Active-duty military and their families would find the Fairbanks area a thriving community in which to live and work.

Is Fort Wainwright a good duty station?

Fort Wainwright, and truly every duty station, is what you make of it. If you can look past some of the cons on the list then you are sure to be able to have once in a lifetime experiences while you’re stationed in Alaska. However, I wouldn’t say Fort Wainwright is the perfect duty station for everyone.

What is Fort Wainwright known for?

Fort Wainwright was formerly known as Ladd Field (1939-1945) and Ladd Air Force Base (1947-1961); it was renamed Fort Wainwright in honor of General Jonathan M….

Fort Wainwright
Controlled by U.S. Army
Site history
Built 1941 (as Ladd Field)
In use 1941–present

Are there military bases in Alaska?

Nine military bases are in Alaska. Fort Wainwright, Elmendorf AFB, and Fort Richardson are the largest bases in Alaska, each averaging about 6,000 military personnel. The Navy and Marine Corps do not have any bases here.

Who is Fort Wainwright named after?

General Jonathan Wainwright
Fort Wainwright is named after General Jonathan Wainwright, who first tested aircraft in arctic conditions and later led troops into the Philippines during World War II. 2) What units are stationed at Fort Wainwright? Units stationed at Fort Wainwright include: Arctic Support Command.

Does Fort Wainwright deploy?

The deployment officially began a little over two weeks ago, with a sendoff ceremony on Fort Wainwright. Around 2,000 soldiers from the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team were deployed to Iraq, Syria and Kuwait.

How many soldiers does Fort Wainwright have?

Fort Wainwright has approximately 7,200 soldiers stationed at Fort Wainwright, and 6,500 Family Members reside with those Soldiers on post or in the surrounding community.

Can civilians go on Fort Wainwright?

A: While community travel is currently limited, DoD ID card holders will have access to the installation. All other non-mission essential employees (contractors, vendors) will be required to obtain a mission essential pass from their sponsoring Directorate or Unit.