Where was the pictures of you video filmed?

Ballachulish, Scotland
The Tim Pope directed video was shot using three Super-8 cameras in Ballachulish, Scotland during the February 1990 “week of the big snow”, with Robert Smith mentioning that he had never been colder before.

When did pictures of you come out?

1989Pictures of You / Released

Can I find a movie by a picture?

Google Image search is a google search extension that helps you search for results similar to an image of your choice. In other words, you can take a photo of the movie playing in front of you and use it to find the name of the movie.

What album is pictures of you on?

DisintegrationPictures of You / AlbumDisintegration is the eighth studio album by English rock band the Cure, released on 2 May 1989 by Fiction Records. The record marks a return to the introspective gothic rock style the band had established in the early 1980s. Wikipedia

Is the cure Goth?

The Cure are often identified with the gothic rock genre, and are viewed as one of the form’s definitive bands. However, the band has routinely rejected classification, particularly as a gothic rock band.

How old is Robert Smith?

63 years (April 21, 1959)Robert Smith / Age

How do you find a movie I can’t remember the name of?

Name The Actors One of the easiest ways to find a movie title is by searching the actors who were in it. You can look up an actor’s Wikipedia or IMDb page to check their filmography, and you should find the movie you’re looking for there.

Is the cure emo?

The Cure is most definitely not an emo band, but the goth label does fit much of their catalog. However, frontman Robert Smith does not consider The Cure to be emo or goth. And in fact, The Cure predated the creation of both terms. Goth was born out of the late 70s and early 80s punk movements.

What is Robert Smith net worth?

6.7 billion USD (2022)Robert F. Smith / Net worth