Which blocks are Club Wembley?

The highest level of Wembley hospitality we offer is the Bobby Moore Club, which is seats in the lower tier, central blocks — the grey area in the seating chart above — with access to the very fancy Bobby Moore Club. Here, you get a champagne reception, full meal and free drinks before and after the game.

Is Level 5 Wembley any good?

Excellent view and atmosphere up here for the FA Cup final. Sat up here a few times now, the only downside is you can’t see the players’ faces.

What are the best seats in Wembley Stadium?

First choice of seats is in blocks N/S 6. Seats 20 to 28 are actually closer to the stage than the first row in the centre of the arena. Rows C to F are best. Blocks N/S 4 at the front of N/S 6 are the prime wheelchair spaces, users should take this first over the rest.

What Block do away fans sit at Wembley?

For England International games, away supporters are housed in part of the lower tier of the East Stand.

What level is Club Wembley?

Level 2 Stadium Map (Club Wembley) All seats starting with 2.

How steep is Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium features Four thousand separate piles were used to form the foundations, the deepest of which was sunk to 35m. The stadium roof rises 52m above the pitch and the circumference of the building is 1km.

How many levels are there in Wembley Stadium?

four levels
Across all three tiers and all four levels, you are given a perfectly clear view of the pitch from inside the West Stand as there are no supporting pillars in sight. The enclosed design of Wembley Stadium in turn means that every row inside is fully protected from the elements.

Who owns the Wembley Stadium?

The Football Association
Wembley National Stadium Ltd
Wembley Stadium/Owners

What is the dress code for Club Wembley?

There is no strict dress code within Club Wembley, the One Twenty Club and the Bobby Moore Club, with the exception of replica club colours, please read on.

Is Wembley undercover?

Wembley Stadium furthermore has a sliding roof that sits 52 metres above the pitch. Even though the roof does not completely close, it does cover every seat in the stadium, which makes Wembley the largest fully covered stadium in the world.