Which Caol Ila is the best?

Highest rated whiskies with > 3 votes

  • 95.21. Caol Ila 1968 RWD.
  • 94.50. Caol Ila 1979 LMDW.
  • 93.83. Caol Ila 1968 It.
  • 93.82. Caol Ila 1974 JM.
  • 93.67. Caol Ila 1969 GM.

What does Caol Ila taste like?

Tasting Notes: Caol Ila 12 Salty green vegetables or seaweed with a slight sweetness akin to honeydew melon. A hint of green nuts. Palate: Beautifully smooth, and challenging to comprehend the complexity. Flavor bomb that starts and ends with peat in a dancing way.

Is Caol Ila peated?

Caol Ila 12 year old (89 points; $60) is a good illustration that phenol levels aren’t everything—the whisky is heavily peated, with a phenol level of 35 PPM, the same as Lagavulin—but it tastes noticeably less smoky than its neighbor.

Does Caol Ila use coloring?

Diageo insists on pouring their standard dollop of E150a caramel colouring into every bottling of Caol Ila, just as they do for Lagavulin, Oban, Dalwhinnie and Clynelish.

What type of whisky is Caol Ila?

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Caol Ila | Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky | Malts.com.

How do you pronounce Caol Ila Scotch?

Caol Ila. Not “Cowl Isla” as many might guess, but pronounced “Cull eela”. Caol Isla is, similar to Bunnahabhain, based near Port Askaig on the isle of Islay. Its name is Gaelic for “Sound of Isla” and refers to the distillery’s location overlooking the strait between Islay and Jura.

How do you drink Caol Ila?

How You Should Drink Caol Ila

  1. Straight.
  2. On the rocks.
  3. With a bit of water.
  4. With club soda.

Is Caol Ila peaty?

Most Caol Ila bottled as a single malt lies on the milder end of the peat spectrum (as opposed to heavy-hitters like Ardbeg and Laphroaig), but it’s definitely a fully peated single malt, and uses the same malted barley (from the maltings at Port Ellen) as the 35ppm peated malt used by Lagavulin.

What is Caol Ila single malt?

This single malt from Caol Ila was distilled in 2014 and allowed to mature in bourbon barrels, before a 14 month finishing period in Cognac casks! A fabulous juxtaposition of fruity cask influence… More info.

How much does Caol Ila 18 cost?

Depending on exchange rates, it can be had for around $90 to $100, which is what we all USED to pay for 18 year-old single malt scotches. For the record, I did like the unpeated Caol Ila 18 better. It probably helped that the unpeated release was at cask strength.

What happened to Caol Ila distillery?

Following liquidation, Distillers Company Ltd acquired Caol Ila and the distillery was subsequently transferred to Scottish Malt Distillers. The capacity is moderate at 3.65 million litres annually, the majority of which is used in Johnnie Walker blends.

Are indie bottlings of Caol Ila outselling official range?

Most recently, Mark treated us to a review of a bottle he pulled from a basement in Nottingham. He conjectured that, given the prevalence of indie bottlings of Caol Ila, they may actually outsell the official range. We’ve certainly got our fair share on the site, from all different bottlers.