Which chimney cowl is best?

The best chimney cowls for stoves and wood burners

  • Screw Fit Rain Cap.
  • Jackdaw Bird Guard.
  • Anti-Downdraft Cowl.
  • Dura Flue Weathering Cap in Stainless Steel.
  • Push Fit Pot Hanger Rain Cap.
  • Mini Anti-Downdraft Pot Hanger.

Are chimney cowls a standard size?

The Standard Chimney Rain Cowl fits flues and pot sizes from 125mm (5″) to 250mm (10″) internal diameter with the umbrella lid going to 300mm (12″) external diameter. This Chimney Cowl is Suitable for Multi Fuels. The Standard Chimney Cowl is available in a Terracotta and Buff Stone finish.

How much does it cost to fit a cowl on a chimney UK?

Chimney Cowl Installation Cost Chimney cowls can also help to reduce how much rain gets into your chimney and can prevent down draughts making their way into your chimney. Generally, it costs between £180 and £250 to have a chimney cowl installed.

What types of chimney cowls are there?

Anti-downdraught cowls, wind cowls, spinning cowls, chimney birdguards, chimney caps and rain tops are just some of the products you will find listed under ‘chimney cowls’ on google and other search engines. You will also find chimney cowls come in a wide variety of price and quality.

How do you measure a chimney cowl?

Single Flue Pipes

  1. Measure the height of your chimney flue, from the top of the chimney, called the chimney crown, to the top of the flue.
  2. Measure the inside diameter of the flue pipe, from edge to edge, with a measuring tape.

How much does a cowl cost?

Shopping for Wiper Cowl A replacement wiper cowl could cost you anywhere between $100 and $450 on parts alone. An auto repair shop may charge you $50 to $80 for labor, but the rates may vary depending on your area.

Can I install my own chimney cap?

Chimney caps protect the inside of your chimney and the inside of your home from weather damage and outdoor pests. Most people prefer to hire a professional when capping their chimney, but you can technically install a cap on your own.

Will a chimney cowl stop rain?

This cowl does a good job of preventing downdraft rain and bird entry, and is easily strap fixed to your chimney pot. The cone top bird guard is a simple yet effective way to stop birds entering your chimney. A simple cowl that stops rain getting into your chimney where there is no downdraught problem.

What is a chimney cowl used for?

A cowl is typically hood-shaped and is used as a covering over a chimney pot to help ensure smoke doesn’t flow back down the flue and into the home when a fire is lit. Its name comes from the cowl garments often seen on monks that have been part of their attire for many centuries.

What size chimney cowl do I Need?

Chimney cowls are available in a range of sizes, so it is important to get the correct size for your chimney. Standard sizes range from 100mm to 300mm – this is the internal diameter measurement.

What is a suspending chimney cowl?

Suspending cowls are designed to fit to the top of a chimney flue liner. When using gas fires, we have a range of gas cowls which ensure the safe exit of dangerous gases from your home. Specially designed for high fire risk properties such as thatched roofs, spark arrestors prevent any lit debris from reaching the roof. How do I fit a chimney cowl?

What types of cowls do we offer?

We also offer a range of gas cowls and multi fuel cowls . These are offered in various designs and colour options, with most being secured via a metal strap. If downdrafts are of a concern, anti downdraft cowls could be the right choice.