Which company is CBZ bike?

Hero Honda
Hero Honda CBZ

Manufacturer Hero Honda
Parent company Honda
Production 1999–2012
Successor CBZ Extreme
Class Commuter Sports

Is Hero Honda a CBZ bike?

The Hero Honda CBZ is a motorcycle launched in early 1999 by Hero Honda, with an original Honda 156.8cc single-cylinder engine. The styling of the bike was a scaled version of the Honda CB series….Hero Honda CBZ.

Manufacturer Hero Honda
Top speed 130Kmph
Power 12.8 Bhp@8000rpm
Torque 12.7 Nm@4500rpm
Ignition type CDI Ignition System

What do you like most about the Honda CBZ?

The bullet proof, ultra smooth Honda engine and well balanced chassis were the bike’s strongest points. I still remember everyone talking about the pickup of the bike, and owing a CBZ at that time was definitely a matter of pride.

What is the engine type of Honda CBZ?

The CBZ has an over-square engine with a Keihin slide type carburetor with accelerator pump. It has a larger spring operated nozzle to provide a richer fuel air mixture into the engine for better acceleration. An air injection to new emission standards, including Euro1 . The bike was launched as Hero Honda CBZ in India.

What happened to the Honda CBZ star bike?

In 2004, a new variant called CBZ* (star) was launched with revised graphics and addition of self start, but it does not inspire CBZ enthusiastic which bike due to over enthusiastic use of graphics and significantly higher price compared to its competitors. The bike was discontinued after September 2005.

What is the CBZ Xtreme?

The CBZ Xtreme is the third generation CBZ. The bike was built on an all together different platform. The entire look of the bike was changed which was subjective to the bike lovers.