Which country is NEFFEX from?

Neffex (stylized as NEFFEX) is an American music project by Bryce Savage (born Brandon Horth) that originally included Cameron Wales. They produced remixes and original songs characterized by a mixture of electronic and rap genres.

How old is NEFFEX?

NEFFEX was founded on July 27, 2014 on YouTube. The band is an American music duo consisting of Cameron Wales and Bryce Savage. NEFFEX is also described as a rap group.

Did NEFFEX split up?

When I came into the band, we kind of just hit it off as friends. After that, the band kind of broke up and we ended up just splitting off and doing our own thing.”

Who are the members of NEFFEX?

Cameron WalesGuitar
Bryce SavageVocals

Is NEFFEX underrated?

Nope. Neffex is a channel that uploads copyright free music, with about 430,000 subscribers, and their primary focus is upbeat/EDM/workout music .

Is NEFFEX a popular band?

In addition to having their songs regularly collect millions of streams, Neffex accumulated millions of followers across several social media platforms. In October 2019, they released the six-song EP Q203, named after the apartment where they recorded their music.

Is NEFFEX a duo?

Artist Biography Genre-hopping electronic duo Neffex amassed legions of followers by releasing a new song every week for 100 weeks. The material they issued as part of this challenge mixed EDM, rap, bass music, and other genres and resulted in several viral hits.

What does NEFFEX stand for?

Neffex (stylized as NEFFEX) is an American musical duo composed of Bryce Savage (born Brandon Horth) and Cameron Wales. They produce remixes and original songs characterized by a mixture of electronic and rap genres. Bryce writes lyrics and sings whereas Cameron creates the instrumental and does the editing.

Is NF and NEFFEX same?

Is 303 still together?

3OH!3 (pronounced “three oh three”) is an American electronic music duo from Boulder, Colorado, made up of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte….

Years active 2004–present
Labels Fueled by Ramen Photo Finish Atlantic
Website 3oh3.com
Members Sean Foreman Nathaniel Motte

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