Which park in Tamilnadu is famous for snakes?

Also known as the Guindy Snake Park, it is located next to the Children’s Park in the Guindy National Park campus….Chennai Snake Park.

Abbreviation CSPT
Location Rajbhavan Post, Guindy, Chennai 600 022
Region served India
Official language Tamil, English
Founder Romulus Whitaker

What is the snake park famous for?

The famous snake park boasting a vast collection of snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. It is one of the most prominent snake parks in South India and home for the most venomous snake in India, King Cobra. The Parassinikadavu Snake Park is one of the major attractions for the wildlife lovers.

Which city is known as snake park?

1. Chennai Snake Park. Chennai Snake Park is the first snake park in India and so it is one of the most prominent ones. Famed as the Guindy Snake Park or Madras Snake Park, this park was established in 1972 by Romulus Whitaker.

Which is the biggest snake park in the world?

Reptile Gardens is a premier South Dakota destination that houses some of the world’s deadliest snakes and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Reptile Zoo.

Are there snakes in Chennai?

Only about 50 species of snakes are well known to South India. All Chennai snakes are good swimmers and climbers. Snakes may have evolved from lizards which adapted to burrowing during the Cretaceous period and the diversity of modern snakes appeared during the Paleocene period.

Are there Cobras in Chennai?

Cobras are the 2nd most common Chennai Snakes. They are most active during the night and feed on a variety of animals including small mammals, birds, lizards and other snakes.

Which animal is famous in Guindy National Park?


Location It is a adjacent to the Raj Bhavan in the South Chennai and is the smallest National Park in the country.
Area 282 ha.
Forest type Dry evergreen scrub and thorn forests.
Animals found Black buck, chital, jackal, pangolin and a variety of birds.
Annual rainfall About 1200 mm