Which season is best for fishing in South Africa?

The best of the fishing is in spring from September to October, and in autumn, from late March through May. During these months the water is cooler and the trout are more active feeders. Most fly fishing is done using 4 or 5 weight outfits, both on stillwater and in the rivers, with rods from 8 to 9 feet.

Where is the best place for surf fishing?

The Outer Banks, North Carolina have some of the most outstanding bodies of water to go surf fishing in.

  • The Oregon Inlet is one of the most popular places to be during both the off-season and spring season.
  • Cape Point, North Carolina is another great surf fishing location.

What is the best bait to surf fish with?

Live bait is arguably the most effective type of bait to use for surf fishing (also known as beach fishing). The best types of live bait for surf fishing are sand fleas, shrimp, pinfish and mullet. You’ll learn about each of these, including how to hook them and what types of fish they attract.

What is the best time to go surf fishing?

Fish the incoming tide. Arrive at low tide to scope out the beach and look for exposed structure so you can fish it later when it’s submerged. The best time to go surf fishing is (from) two hours before a high tide until an hour after high tide.

What fish are in season in Durban?

In Durban in KwaZulu-Natal province, the official fishing season runs from December to March. Bass and carp fishing is also available, yet catch and release are encouraged. Mountain rivers and streams flourish with brown and rainbow trout.

What fish can you catch in Cape Town?

Major Fish Species & Fishing Seasons in Cape Town

  • Tuna Fish. Tuna Fish. We fish for 4 types of tuna, the fighter The Yellowfin Tuna from 15 – 100 kgs, The Big Eye reaching in excess from 65 – 122 kgs and the smaller 2, the Longfin Tuna 7 – 30 kgs & Skipjack Tuna 1 – 5 kgs.
  • Yellowtail. Cape Yellowtail.
  • Snoek. Cape Snoek.

Is fishing good in rough surf?

Absolutely! You will be able to catch a lot of fish in a rough surf because choppy surf conditions provide fish with more favorable conditions to leave the shelter, approach the shoreline, and feed within your casting range, making it an ideal time to pack your gear and go fishing.

Is squid good for surf fishing?

Squid is the universal surf fishing bait. Clean squid by pulling the head off, then cutting the body open from end to end. Remove the innards and scrape the outer skin off. Cut the cleaned body into pennants about two to three inches long.

How far do you need to cast for surf fishing?

60-100 yards
Surf Fishing Rod When surf fishing, the best action is further out. You’ll often need to cast 60-100 yards when fishing from the beach. This is because you typically want to cast beyond the breaking waves, where hungry fish often congregate and feed.

Is surf fishing better at high or low tide?

Conclusion. Simply put, high tide is the best tide for surf fishing because it allows you to fish the deep waters where fish are more comfortable to feed. So before your next surf fishing trip, try to recognize the tides in your area, and plan your journey around high tide hours.