Which universities make the most millionaires?

Global top 10 universities by number of billionaire alumni per Wealth-X 2018

Rank University Amount
1 Harvard University 188
2 Stanford University 74
3 University of Pennsylvania 64
4 Columbia University 53

Which degree produces the most millionaires?

1. Engineering. While it’s possibly not one of the most predictable entry placements on our list, engineering takes the top spot, yielding a greater number of millionaires than any other degree subject, according to Spear’s and WealthInsight.

Which school has the most billionaires?

University Harvard
Over 2,755 people on Forbes’ 2021 World’s Billionaires list received their undergraduate degrees from universities across the world. American University Harvard dominates the list, with at least 29 billionaire alumni.

What college produces the most successful people?

Sitting comfortably at the top 10 universities list with eight billionaires is Harvard – no real surprise there, considering its reputation as one of the best universities in the USA. It also has the highest total net worth with $217.5bn.

Which university produces most billionaires?

1. Harvard University

  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Country: USA.
  • # of Billionaire Alumni: 29.
  • Total Net Worth of Billionaire Alumni: $207,000,000,000.
  • Average Billionaire Alumni Net Worth: $7,137,931,034.48.

Where did Jeff Bezos go to college?

Princeton UniversityJeff Bezos / College (1982–1986)

Is Indian MBA rich?

Gainers included IIM Trichy, which saw a big jump in maximum salary from Rs 23.8 lakh to Rs 33 lakh this year. The average cost to company (CTC) offered at the Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay saw a rise from Rs 16.5 lakh to Rs 17.63 lakh.

Do all Harvard graduates get rich?

Do all Harvard graduates get rich? Harvard grads have the highest median earnings, as well as the most earnings potential — the top 10 percent of Harvard grads are making upwards of $250,000 by the time they’re 32. At the other end of the scale is Brown, whose top earners make a “paltry” $162,000.