Who are some doo-wop groups?

This style of music is influenced by rhythm-and-blues, rock and roll, soul music, and barbershop quartet. Popular doo-wop groups include the Marcels, the Drifters, the Penguins, the Cadillacs, and the Orioles.

What is doo-wop R&B?

Doo-wop (also spelled doowop and doo wop) is a genre of rhythm and blues music that originated among African-American youth in the 1940s, mainly in the large cities of the United States, including New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Baltimore, Newark, Detroit, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles.

What is considered doo-wop music?

Doo-wop represents a subcategory of vocal group harmony that includes the following musical qualities: group harmony, a wide range of vocal parts, nonsense syllables, a simple beat, light instrumentation, and simple music and lyrics. Above all, the focus is on ensemble singing.

Who is the best R&B female singers?

List of the Greatest Female R&B Singers of All Time

  • Erykah Badu (1971- present)
  • Gladys Knight (1944-present)
  • Sade (1959-Present)
  • Mariah Carey (1970-Present)
  • Jill Scott (1972-Present) Famous Songs.
  • Patti LaBelle (1944-present) Famous Songs.
  • Jennifer Hudson (1981-Present) Famous Songs.
  • Aaliyah (1979-2001) Famous Songs.

Why is doo-wop called doo-wop?

The structure of doo-wop music generally featured a tenor lead vocalist singing the melody of the song with a trio or quartet singing background harmony. The term doo-wop is derived from the sounds made by the group as they provided harmonic background for the lead singer.

What is a female doo wop group?

Female doo wop groups are held close to the heart of a small and select group of record collectors who appreciate these girls’ contribution to the street corner sounds of 50s America.

Why are female doo wop records so hard to find?

There is a much larger grouping of female doo wop groups who recorded only one single on obscure labels. Due to the small quantity of records pressed, and the amount of time which has passed since the 50s, these records are very obscure and hard to find. They can be expensive and highly sought after with fierce competition.

What influenced Doo Doo Wop?

Doo-wop’s characteristic vocal style was influenced by groups such as the Mills Brothers, whose close four-part harmony derived from the earlier barbershop quartet .

Where do doo-wop groups perform?

This dynamic doo-wop group has performed throughout the metropolitan area at a variety of nightclubs, restaurants, oldies shows, and every type of private, public, and corporate function.