Who are the actors in the P&O advert?

P&O Cruises Advert with Actor Rob Brydon Comedian and actor Rob Brydon stars in this new ‘This Is The Life’ TV ad campaign for P&O Cruises.

Who is the actor in the cruise advert?

actor Nicholas Farrell
While enjoying the luxury of Saga’s newest ocean cruise ship, ‘Spirit of Adventure’ with its incredible décor, food and entertainment, the main character, once again played by British actor Nicholas Farrell, reflects back in a savvy fashion and with a raised eyebrow on those holidays of the past.

Is Rob Brydon’s wife in the advert?

But the woman by Rob Brydon’s side in the series of TV ads is not his wife – she’s an actress called Zoe Harrison. She and Brydon play a couple called Huw and Jenny Jenkins. The comedian’s real wife is Claire Holland, a former TV producer who he married in 2006.

Is there dancing on P&O Cruises?

And just a cha-cha-cha from their cabin, cruise passengers can enjoy all the elements of their favourite show at sea on one of P&O Cruises”-themed Strictly Come Dancing cruises.

Who is the actress in the P&O advert?

Welsh actor, comedian and TV presenter Rob Brydon joins actor Zoe Harrison to reprise their roles as the well-traveled couple Huw and Jenny for this new P&O Cruises ad campaign.

Who is the actress in the ionos advert?

Annie Wersching
Wersching in 2022
Born March 28, 1977 St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Alma mater Millikin University (BFA)
Occupation Actress

Who is Nicholas Farrell married to?

Stella GonetNicholas Farrell / Spouse (m. 2005)

Is there ballroom dancing on Iona?

There will be no ballroom on Iona, and they will generally not have professional ballroom instructors on her cruises.

What celebrities are on Iona?

Also on board Iona for the high-profile ship event will be radio presenters Jo Whiley and Sara Cox, along with Strictly Come Dancing stars including comedian Chris Ramsey, who will be performing a stand-up set; judge Motsi Mabuse, and professional dancers Amy Dowden and Ben Jones.

What is the music in the P&O advert?

Featured in the ad with an instrumental piano intro before we hear the full dance version, the music playing in this P&O Cruises advert is a song called ‘What Is Love’ which was recorded by the Trinidadian-German singer Haddaway.

Who is the woman in the ionos Advert 2021?

Erica Shaffer is an American actress who has worked in independent films and television.