Who are the kids from Super 8?

What The Super 8 Cast Is Doing Now

  • Joel Courtney (Joe Lamb)
  • Elle Fanning (Alice Dainard)
  • Riley Griffiths (Charles Kaznyk)
  • Ryan Lee (Cary McCarthy)
  • Gabriel Basso (Martin Reed)
  • Zach Mills (Preston Scott)
  • Kyle Chandler (Deputy Jack Lamb)
  • AJ Michalka (Jen Kaznyk)

Is Dakota Fanning in Super 8?

Her first movie sans Dakota was the 2003 Eddie Murphy comedy Daddy Day Care. In Super 8, Fanning plays Alice, who gets asked to star in a movie that some neighborhood boys are shooting during the summer.

Was Super 8 a good movie?

All the same, “Super 8” is a wonderful film, nostalgia not for a time but for a style of filmmaking, when shell-shocked young audiences were told a story and not pounded over the head with aggressive action. Abrams treats early adolescence with tenderness and affection. He uses his camera to accumulate emotion.

Is Super 8 based on a true story?

“Super 8” was inspired by real life, when 16-year-old film prodigies Abrams and Matt Reeves, winners of a student festival, were chosen by “Jaws” director Steven Spielberg to repair his childhood Super 8 movies.

Is Elle Fanning related to Dakota Fanning?

Before becoming a household name herself, Elle Fanning watched as her big sister Dakota Fanning tried to navigate her newfound fame thanks to roles in films like Uptown Girls and Charlotte’s Web. Instead of lending a hand when overzealous fans spotted Dakota, Elle confessed to being a little less than the model sister.

How old is Joel Courtney?

26 years (January 31, 1996)Joel Courtney / Age

How old was Elle Fanning when she filmed Super 8?

“There was one thing that really blew my mind” says Abrams. That was 13-year-old Fanning’s ability to give nuanced performances, even showing remarkably differing cries for differing scenes.

Why is it called Super 8?

The name is an abbreviation for Super 8 millimeter film. The use of the word “super” denotes the film stock’s improvement over the earlier “regular 8” format and the number 8 is a reference to the width (in millimeters) of the film reel.

Are Super 8 and Cloverfield related?

Abrams Says SUPER 8 Has No Connection to CLOVERFIELD. J.J. Abrams has debunked the rumor that his upcoming film, “Super 8”, is related to “Cloverfield”.

What town was the movie Super 8 filmed in?

On August 9, 2010, Paramount officially chose Weirton as the filming location for Super 8. In addition to the West Virginia’s film tax incentives, Weirton’s warm hospitality and willingness to let Paramount take over the town helped tilt the decision in its favor. Weirton exudes the retro charms of a 1970s steel town.