Who are the ministers in Victoria?

DPC ministers

  • The Hon Daniel Andrews MP, Premier.
  • The Hon James Merlino MP, Deputy Premier.
  • Tim Pallas, Minister for Industrial Relations.
  • The Hon Gabrielle Williams MP, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.
  • The Hon Danny Pearson MP, Minister for Government Services.

Who are the shadow ministers?

Shadow Cabinet

Officeholder Office(s)
Hon Tanya Plibersek MP Shadow Minister for Education and Training
Hon Jim Chalmers MP Shadow Treasurer
Hon Mark Butler MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Deputy Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives
Hon Chris Bowen MP Shadow Minister for Health

Who are the shadow ministers in Victoria?

Shadow Cabinet

  • Leader of the Opposition. The Hon Matthew Guy MP.
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition. The Hon Peter Walsh MP.
  • Shadow Treasurer. The Hon David Davis MLC.
  • Shadow Assistant Treasurer.
  • Shadow Attorney-General.
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary.
  • Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.
  • Shadow Minister for Agriculture.

What’s the difference between a Minister and a shadow Minister?

Shadow ministers are members of the opposition, chosen by the Leader of the Opposition. Shadow ministers have the important responsibility of scrutinising – closely examining – the work of the government and individual ministers.

What is a backbencher in Australia?

In the Australian Parliament there are both frontbenchers and backbenchers. Frontbenchers sit in the front row of seats in either the Senate or House of Representatives. Frontbenchers are either ministers or shadow ministers. Backbenchers are members of parliament who sit behind the frontbenchers on the back benches.

Who is Gayle Tierney?

Gayle Tierney is an Australian politician. She has been a Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Council since November 2006, representing Western Victoria Region. Tierney is currently Minister for Higher Education and Minister for Training and Skills.

What nationality is James Merlino?

AustralianJames Merlino / Nationality