Who died Elite?

Then he collapsed while Mencía revealed that she called the police. As they waited for the police to arrive, Omar and Rebe stayed with Samu while also showing their anger and betrayal at the three siblings over what happened. Samu died in Rebe’s and Omar’s arms before the police arrived.

Is Armando dead Elite?

Armando’s Death is an event that took place in the fourth season of Elite. Unlike Marina and Polo, the death was an intentional murder.

Who killed Samuel Elite?

Samuel makes a dig that Benjamín won’t take the sim card by force because that would mean getting his hands dirty. Benjamín, however, does make a play to forcefully grab the bag away from Samu. The two men tussle and Samuel trips, hits his head on concrete, and falls into the family pool.

How old is Armando Elite?

Armando is an attractive white man in his 40s.

Which student died in Elite season 5?

WARNING: MAJOR ELITE SEASON 5 SPOILERS AHEAD Throughout the season, we then gradually learn exactly what led to him ending up face-down in a pool, who was responsible for it and whether or not Samuel is actually dead or if there’s a chance he could still be alive. Midway through the season, Armando’s body is found.

How tall is Samuel from Elite?


Rank Characters Height
Malick D. 5 ft 9 in
6 Phillipe Von Triesenberg 5 ft 8 in
Samuel García Domínguez 5 ft 8 in
7 Christian Varela Expósito 5 ft 7 in

Why did Guzman’s dad go to jail?

Throughout the Series Eventually, Ventura is arrested on charges of alleged embezzlement of public funds, bribery, and criminal negligence. He is later bailed out of jail.

Who pushed aria in Elite?

So while Armando did attack Ari, he wasn’t the one who pushed her into the pool. She simply fell in but since she was drunk and probably disorientated after he strangled her, Armando did in turn partly cause the incident.

Why is Cayetana a janitor?

Cayetana is a transfer student at Las Encinas. She comes from a poor background. Her mother is a maid and Cayetana often helps her mother do cleaning jobs around town. Her mother started to work at Las Encinas as a janitor, which enabled Cayetana to get a scholarship to attend the school.

Where did nano go in Elite?

On bail and not yet cleared for Marina’s murder, Nano opted to flee Spain to avoid ever going to prison. Throughout seasons 3 and 4 of Elite, Nano is referred too but his whereabouts remain unknown.

Are Nadia and Omar twins?

Nadia. Omar is Nadia’s brother.

Is Omar older than Nadia?

Omar Shanaa is Nadia’s slightly older brother — he’s implied to be around 17.