Who eliminated the most competitors 6 from the 2010 Royal Rumble match?

The main event was the 2010 Royal Rumble match, which featured wrestlers from all three brands. SmackDown’s Edge, the twenty-ninth entrant, won the match by last eliminating Raw’s John Cena, the nineteenth entrant….Royal Rumble (2010)

Royal Rumble
Brand(s) Raw SmackDown ECW
Date January 31, 2010
City Atlanta, Georgia
Venue Philips Arena

Who is the best wrestler of 2010?

So, without further ado, here are the 25 top superstars of 2010 according to the Power 25.

  • Kofi Kingston. 18 of 26.
  • The Miz. 19 of 26.
  • Edge. 20 of 26.
  • Rey Mysterio. 21 of 26.
  • Big Show. 22 of 26.
  • John Cena. 23 of 26. Number of points: 1053.
  • Sheamus. 24 of 26. Number of points: 1081.
  • Randy Orton. 25 of 26. Number of points: 1126.

Who did John Cena beat for WWE at WrestleMania XXVI?

The match came to an end after Cena reversed a Batista Bomb into an STF. Batista eventually submitted. Cena won the match and the WWE Championship, making him a nine-time World champion.

What number has not won the Royal Rumble?

In spite of being one of the most favorable spots in the Rumble, no wrestler has ever won from No. 26, with the average wrestler in this spot not making it to the final seven and only five total wrestlers making it to the final four with the seventh-worst elimination rate.

Who is the best wrestler in the decade?

The 10 Best Male WWE Superstar Each Year In The 2010s

  • 3 2017: AJ Styles.
  • 4 2016: AJ Styles.
  • 5 2015: Seth Rollins.
  • 6 2014: Brock Lesnar.
  • 7 2013: Randy Orton.
  • 8 2012: CM Punk.
  • 9 2011: CM Punk. CM Punk’s 2011 was simply sensational.
  • 10 2010: John Cena. John Cena was still a full-time wrestler in the first part of the 2010s.

Who won the world heavyweight title at WrestleMania xxvii?

SmackDown’s main match saw Edge defeat Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship—this would be Edge’s final match until 2020. In the other marquee match, The Undertaker defeated Triple H in a No Holds Barred match to extend his undefeated WrestleMania streak to 19–0.

What happened to Undertaker WrestleMania 27?

Even though Undertaker won the now legendary clash at WrestleMania 27, it marked the first time that he was unable to leave the ring under his own volition. Speaking in a new interview with ESPN SportsNation, The Undertaker has now revealed that Vince McMahon “hated” the ending to the match.

Who won 2004 Royal Rumble?

Chris Benoit
Dates, venues, and winners

Event Date Winner
Royal Rumble (2003) January 19, 2003 Brock Lesnar
Royal Rumble (2004) January 25, 2004 Chris Benoit
Royal Rumble (2005) January 30, 2005 Batista