Who fills out the reg 256?

According to the REG 256 Instructions, an applicant must fill out the first section dedicated to the vehicle description, and the appropriate section mentioned above. In the first part of the form, they must designate the license plate number (or a CF number), vehicle (or vessel) ID number, its year and make.

What is a California Reg 256 form?

REG 256 CA DMV is used to certify that the car owner doesn’t need a smog certification to transfer ownership, and it is also used as a statement for transfer only or title only. REG 256 CA DMV is a statement of facts used to change the vehicle body to obtain a window decal for a wheelchair lift or carrier.

Where do I send my CA Reg 256?

You can save time by filling out and printing the Statement of Facts form online at www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/reg/reg256.pdf. Once you have properly filled out the form, take it to your nearest DMV office in person, or mail it to: Department of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 942869, Sacramento, CA 94269-0001.

How do you fill out CA DMV Form 256?

Complete a Statement of Facts (REG 256) attesting the vehicle was given as a gift and no tax is due….STEP 3.

  1. Date of purchase.
  2. Seller name and address.
  3. Buyer name and address.
  4. Vehicle description, including make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), and license plate number.

Do you need smog to transfer title in California?

Use tax and a smog certification are not required.

How do I transfer a car title to a family member in California?

To transfer a vehicle between family members, submit the following: The California Certificate of Title properly signed or endorsed on line 1 by the registered owner(s) shown on the title. Complete the new owner information on the back of the title and sign it.

Can you gift a car to a non family member in California?

Yes—even if there’s no money changing hands, a California bill of sale acts as a legal record of your transaction. Having a copy in your record could protect you from legal consequences down the line. Both you and your recipient should sign the bill of sale, certifying that you agreed to the terms of the gift.

Where do I mail CA DMV forms?

Questions regarding your Driver License or Identification Card should be addressed to: Driver License Inquiries, Department of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 942890, Sacramento, CA 94290-0001.

Can I use a PO box for car registration in California?

Now, CA DMV registration forms for change of address require writing down a house address, and a p.o. box address. But, the house address won’t be used for mailing, especially if it’s out in the middle of nowhere with no mail service… so just pick any address out in the sticks, and you’re good to go!

How do I remove a co owner from a car title in California?

In your case both owners would fill out the current pink slip and release of liability. You then fill out the transfer of ownership, transferring ownership to yourself. You and your sister are both the sellers, and you alone are the buyer.