Who fired missiles at Erbil?

Early Mar. 13, Iran fired 12 long-range ballistic missiles into the autonomous Iraqi Kurdish capital Erbil. The missiles crashed in a residential area, causing some notable property damage, including to the headquarters of the local Kurdistan 24 news agency, but no casualties.

Was Erbil attacked?

In March, Iran attacked Erbil with a dozen ballistic missiles in an unprecedented assault on the capital of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdish region, which appeared to target the United States and its allies. Iranian security forces said it had targeted Israel’s “strategic centre” in the country.

Who bombed Erbil?

As many as 12 ballistic missiles have struck Iraq’s northern Kurdish regional capital Erbil, with some reports suggesting several landed near the US consulate building. A US official said the missiles were launched from neighbouring Iran early on Sunday morning, but there were no reports of casualties.

Did Iran hit the US Consulate?

No serious injuries were reported from the strike, outside the city of Erbil in the Kurdish region of Iraq, and an American official said the consulate site was undamaged.

What happened in Erbil Iraq?

The 2021 Erbil rocket attacks occurred when multiple rockets were launched against Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq. On 15 February, approximately fourteen rockets were fired from an area south of the city at around 21:30 local time.

Who fired a missile today?

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said Friday it test-fired its biggest-yet intercontinental ballistic missile under the orders of leader Kim Jong Un, who vowed to expand the North’s “nuclear war deterrent” while preparing for a “long-standing confrontation” with the United States.

What military base is in Erbil Iraq?

Ayn Al Asad Airbase Qadisiyah
Al Asad Airbase

Ayn Al Asad Airbase Qadisiyah Airbase
Owner Ministry of Defence
Operator Iraqi Army United States Marine Corps (2004–2011; 2014–present) British Armed Forces
Site history
Built 2003

Is it safe to travel to Erbil Iraq?

Erbil (Hawlêr in Kurdish and sometimes spelt Arbil in the English speaking world) is the capital city of Kurdistan (region), a semi-autonomous region of three provinces in northern Iraq where Kurdish people live. Unlike the rest of federal Iraq, Erbil is currently a safe place to travel.

Why did Iran bomb Erbil?

Iranian state media said the Revolutionary Guards Corps had launched the attack against Israeli “strategic centers” in Erbil, suggesting it was revenge for recent Israeli air strikes that killed Iranian military personnel in Syria.

Is Erbil in Iraq or Kurdistan?

Erbil, also spelled Arbīl or Irbīl, Assyrian Arba-ilu, Greek Arbela, Kurdish Hawler or Hewler, city, capital of Erbil muḥāfaẓah (governorate), northern Iraq. The city is also the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and is among the largest cities in that country.