Who founded Christian Coalition?

Pat Robertson
Ralph Reed
Christian Coalition of America/Founders

Who was the head of the Christian Coalition?

Christian Coalition of America

Christian Coalition of America Logo
Founded April 30, 1987
President, chief executive officer Roberta Combs
Secretary Drew McKissick
Finance director Neal Meyer

Who is Dr Ralph Reed?

Ralph Eugene Reed Jr. (born June 24, 1961) is an American political consultant and lobbyist, best known as the first executive director of the Christian Coalition during the early 1990s.

How old is Pat Robertson of CBN?

Robertson announced his retirement at the age of 91 from the 700 Club in October 2021, on the sixtieth anniversary of the first telecast on October 1, 1961 of what eventually became CBN….

Pat Robertson
Robertson in 2006
Born Marion Gordon Robertson March 22, 1930 Lexington, Virginia, U.S.

Who are the common cause?

Common Cause is a watchdog group based in Washington, D.C., with chapters in 35 states. It was founded in 1970 by John W.

When a group is called a membership association it means that quizlet?

When a group is called a membership association, it means that. members play an important role in the daily activities of the group.

How old is Ralph Reed?

60 years (June 24, 1961)Ralph Reed / Age

Is Faith and Freedom Coalition tax deductible?

Faith & Freedom Coalition was founded in 2009 by Dr. Ralph Reed Jr. We are a faith based conservative voter education non-profit organization. We are a 501(c)4 charitable organization; contributions are not tax deductible due to our legislative work.

How old is Terry meeuwsen?

73 years (March 2, 1949)Terry Meeuwsen / Age

Is Common Cause Democrat or Republican?

Sometimes identified as liberal-leaning, Common Cause has also been identified as nonpartisan and advocates government reform. It is identified with the reformist “good government” movement and is often described as a watchdog group.

What is common cause India?

Common Cause is a public interest organization of long standing, which has been striving for governance reforms through action research, advocacy and public interest litigation.