Who handles Chrysler pension?

401(k) Merrill Lynch is the recordkeeper of your FCA US 401(k) savings plan. – You may contact Merrill Lynch at 800-483-7283.

Do Chrysler retirees get a discount?

What Do the Discounts Include? FCA employees and retirees (and their eligible family members) receive special discounts on new vehicles. Often times these discounts are referred to as “employee pricing”, otherwise known as EP.

Does FCA have a pension?

Eligible retirees and eligible spouses under age 65 are covered by an FCA health care plan. Certain retirees and spouses have elected to purchase term life insurance benefits under this plan. Premiums are often paid via deductions from the pension benefits.

Do Chrysler employees pay for health insurance?

Chrysler offers employees Health Insurance options with 100% company-paid preventive care.

Do Chrysler retirees get profit sharing checks?

Jeep, Chrysler Workers Awarded Nearly $15K Each in Profit-Sharing Scheme. More than 40,000 employees of automaker Stellantis will receive profit-sharing checks worth up to $14,670 before taxes in March.

What is the FCA employee discount?

The FCA US Employee Advantage gives participants a 5% discount below the factory invoice price. You may also receive a friends and family discount, which gives a 1% discount below the factory discount.

What is FCA discount?

Do Chrysler retirees get profit-sharing checks?

When did Chrysler stop pensions?

The company closed its pension plans to new participants at the start of 2004.

What benefits do Chrysler employees get?

Additional Benefits & Perks

  • Flexible Work Arrangements.
  • Family and Military Leave of Absence.
  • Leadership Development Opportunities.
  • Tuition Assistance.
  • Vehicle Purchase and Lease Discounts.
  • Employee Referral Bonus Program.
  • Marketplace Discounts.

Is Chrysler getting a profit sharing check this year?

How long do you have to work at Chrysler to get a profit sharing check?

The plan allows employees to share in Chrysler’s U.S. operations profits upon the generation of the “first dollar of profits.” Full-time and permanent part-time U.S. hourly and represented salaried employees are eligible upon first day of employment.