Who is CEO of ATG?

Mark Cornell (May 18, 2016–)Ambassador Theatre Group / CEO

Who is ATG owned by?

Providence Equity Partners LLP
Ambassador Theatre Group

Type Limited company
Owner Providence Equity Partners LLP Peter Beckwith / PMB Holdings Eddie Kulukundis Howard Panter Rosemary Squire
Number of employees 3,500 (June 2013)
Website atg.co.uk

How do I get a refund from ATG?

Refund barriers ATG’s automatic response to show cancellations has been to offer customers credit vouchers. For a booker to obtain a refund for tickets they must call the ATG Tickets box office.

Where are ATG based?

Founded in 1992 in the UK, we’ve grown into the world’s number one live-theatre company today. We cover every discipline in the theatre industry, from operating venues to ticketing platforms and producing shows. We own or operate some of the world’s most iconic venues.

Who owns the Alexandra theatre Birmingham?

Ambassador Theatre Group
Under Leon Salberg, the Alex was famous for its pantomimes such as “Mother Goose”. The theatre currently seats 1,371 and hosts a busy programme of touring drama, West End shows and stand-up comedy….The Alexandra, Birmingham.

Owner Ambassador Theatre Group
Capacity 1,347
Opened 27 May 1901
Years active 1901-present

Can concert tickets be refunded?

That’s not something you’re likely to shake off. The money belongs with you. Ticketmaster’s refund policy is clear: All sales are final, and refunds are allowed only in “limited circumstances.” If you qualify for a refund – which you do – you’ll see a “Request a Refund” link in your online account.

What is the full form of ATG?

anti-thymocyte globulin

Synonym: lymphocyte immune globulin
US brand name: ATGAM Thymoglobulin
Abbreviation: ATG

What does ATG stand for?


Acronym Definition
ATG Anti-Thymocyte Globulin
ATG Advanced Technology Group
ATG Advisory Task Group
ATG All Terrain Grade (Dell computer)

How do I contact Alexandra Theatre Birmingham?

Contact Details

  1. Group Bookings* 0207 206 1174.
  2. Access Bookings. 0121 230 9077.
  3. Stage Door/Admin. 0121 230 9071.

How old is Alexandra Theatre Birmingham?

121New Alexandra Theatre / Age (c. 1901)

What happens if a concert is canceled?

In the best-case scenario, a full refund is available, Rossman said. However, it can be trickier if the event is rescheduled and the ticket holder has a scheduling conflict, he said. “The best practice, in general, is to start wherever you bought the tickets,” Rossman said.

How do I book An ATG ticket?

– ATG Tickets – United Kingdom How do I book a ticket? ATG online booking system is the quickest method to book your tickets. Its simple and easy navigation allows you to find your event with ease. It offers clear information about the venue, show and seating plans to allow you to pick your favourite seat.

What are ATG Tickets and group line?

ATG Tickets makes it easy to book your Theatre tickets and London attractions for groups of 10 or more – and in some cases, for groups as small as 5. With ATG Tickets and Group Line you can:

How do I make a booking for an assisted performance?

To make a booking, register as an Access Member or contact us with access enquiries, please read Contact Us. For dates of upcoming assisted performances, please read Assisted Performances.