Who is in the white coffin in Empire season 5?

‘Empire’ Boss on Finale’s Heart-Stopping Casket Twist, Lucious-Cookie Cliffhanger and Jamal’s Future. Welp, we finally know who is in the casket ladies and gentleman — and we gotta say, we were floored by that twist. Wednesday’s Season 5 finale of “Empire” revealed that Kingsley (A.Z.

Who is Tracy Kingsley on Empire?

As the Feds close in on Empire, Jeff Kingsley seeks the truth about what really happened between Lucious and Tracy Kingsley (guest star Amanda Detmer).

Is the five year engagement worth watching?

Don’t get me wrong, The Five-Year Engagement at times is hilarious and it is definitely a great romantic comedy with real stock in the lead characters but it tails off towards the end. It is still, though, definitely worth watching!

What is the Spanish song in the five year engagement?

It’s called “Cucurrucucú [Paloma]” and it’s a famous Spanish song; Caetano Veloso sings it.

Is Rhona pregnant Empire?

The two eventually married, despite a few strains in their relationship, and Rhonda later reveals that she is pregnant with Andre’s child in Who I Am, the final episode of Season 1.

Does Andre get Kingsley’s heart?

Tracy opens up to her about letting the doctors put Kingsley’s heart in Andre and the process was complete and a success.

Who shot Lucious Lyon Season 6?

Afterward, Lucious tries to soothe Yana, pointing out that she’s on the verge of superstardom, and they share a hug. In one of the more ridiculous misreads ever, even for a soap, Damon spots the two as he turns the corner, shouts, “You liar!,” pulls his gun and shoots.

What happens to white Tracy on Empire?

As the crack addict was about to pull the trigger, Andre charged in, sending bullets flying every which way but loose. Amid the commotion, Cookie grabbed Lucious’ piece and shot Tracy square in the chest, killing her instantly.

How does Andre get rid of Kingsley?

Fortunately, Empire proved me wrong that Andre was going to die before the credits on the 100th episode rolled, as Andre pulled Kingsley out of the font and embraced him, proving that Andre was going to accept the qualities that he tried to subdue and manifested in the “Kingsley” form.