Who is Jay Park?

Jay Park is one of the K-pop industry’s most influential singers and savviest businessmen. He founded two record labels, Aomg and H1ghr Music, and recently started his own soju brand, Won Soju. However, his life in the spotlight is far from unblemished.

What is a dating scandal?

Romance scams occur when a criminal adopts a fake online identity to gain a victim’s affection and trust. The scammer then uses the illusion of a romantic or close relationship to manipulate and/or steal from the victim.

What scandals has IU been in?

IU performed a song about a beloved character from a children’s book who was described as a ‘sexual object. ‘ After allegedly sexualizing the main character in “My Sweet Orange Tree,” a Brazilian children’s book that is especially beloved in South Korea, superstar singer IU was chastised.

What is Jay Park famous for?

Korean-American musician Jay Park (Park Jae-beom) is a ’90s R&B- and hip-hop-influenced singer/songwriter, rapper, producer, choreographer, member of the Art of Movement crew, and founder of labels AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. His major influences include Michael Jackson, Usher, and Chris Brown.

Why can’t celebrities date in Korea?

The dating lives of Korean stars are quite complicated, as they consider it as an affair not just between two people, but with several other entities involved: the stars’ home agency and the fans. They also have an image to protect, which is why it makes it harder for them to date freely in public.

Which K-pop idols are dating?

Here are some K-pop celebrities dating each other and breaking the Internet with their love.

  • Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol.
  • Crush and Joy.
  • Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho.
  • Hyuna and Dawn.
  • Ryeowook and Ari.

Are BTS misogynistic?

BTS’ RM recalls misogyny accusations against him Rap verses were criticized for having misogynistic overtones and, as a songwriter, he took responsibility for it. “Personally, I received a lot of criticism re: misogyny in 2015 & 2016 which led me to get my lyrics reviewed by a women’s studies professor.