Who is Justin in the book wonder?

Nadji Jeter

What does Auggie wonder about heaven?

What does Auggie wonder about Heaven? He wonders what it would feel like to be there.

Who is Lily in wonder?

Izabela Vidovic

Why does Jack Punch Julian in the face?

Why did Jack punch Julian right in the mouth? Because Julian said he didn’t have to be friends with that freak if he didn’t want to be.

Who does Jack blame for their friendship ending?

Jack blamed August for their friendship ending.

How does Justin feel the universe has taken care of Auggie?

How does Justin feel the universe has taken care of Auggie? Justin feels the universe has given Auggie parents who adore him, a sister who feels guilty for him, friends who give up friends for him, and a pink-haired girl who carries his picture.

What did Jack will think Auggie should do when kids stare at him?

What did Jack Will think Auggie should do when kids stared at him? Jack made a joke. Jack asked if Auggie could get plastic surgery for his face, and Auggie said he already had. Then Jack said Auggie should sue his doctor.

Why does the whole family want to walk August to school?

He has lived in the same place his whole life, so he feels strange going to an unfamiliar place so close to home. August’s whole family walks him to school. August realizes that Mom is going to cry and embarrass him, so he turns and runs into the school.

Who was VIA’s best friend?

Via’s former best friend, who broke ties with Via over the summer after she lied and pretended to have a deformed brother while at camp. Miranda has always been extremely close to Auggie, and loves him like a little brother of her own.3 hari yang lalu

Who is vias boyfriend in wonder?


Where did Jack get his sled?

On the way home Jack finds a wooden sled with metal runners that someone left as garbage, but he takes it and fixes it up. It turns out to be tons faster than the plastic sleds most people use. Later, Julian tells Jack that he got a new sled too, a state of the art sled from Hammacher Schlemmer that cost $800.

Why did Auggie not offer to help Henry?

August didn’t offer to help Henry because Henry had put his bag on the desk in between them. The two things that Julian told everyone about himself is 1. He just got Battleground Mystic multiplayer on his WII.

Why does Auggie cut off his braid?

August cut his braid because He didn’t want anybody to notice it or talk about it. He was scared more people would make fun of him. On page 43 Julian asked August in a mean tone what the strip of hair on the back of his head was.

Is Wonder Woman immortal?

In the comics like all Amazons she is immortal on Themyscira (Paradise Island) she is immortal. Most of the time she is in Man’s World (off Themyscira) she is long lived but mortal. This may change from time to time but is the standard with Wonder Woman.

What did via feel?

Via is in an extremely difficult position, wanting to be treated as a more important part of her family but also feeling guilty about her desire for attention, since Auggie has gone through worse struggles than she has.

Does Julian become friends with Auggie?

From the moment they met in the page of Wonder, it was clear that Auggie and Julian were never going to be friends. Julian is nasty, mean, and downright cruel to Auggie.

Who gave Auggie the astronaut helmet?


What did Julian do Auggie?

Although Jullian hated Auggie, he doesn’t want him being attacked, killed, or assaulted. Eventually Julian confessed for being a bully and apologized to Auggie for his cruelty.

How did summer keep her promise to August and still help Jack know why he was mad at him?

The fifth graders all dress in Egyptian-themed costumes. At the exhibit, Summer runs into Jack, who asks her why Auggie is mad at him. She swore to Auggie not to tell, but she whispers a clue in Jack’s ear: “Bleeding Scream.”

Is via jealous of all the attention August gets?

Do you think Via is jealous of all the attention August gets? Yes, I feel Via is jealous of the attention Auggie gets; however, she does understand why he gets the attention. She called to see how Auggie has been, and that she misses him and Via. August decided to change his costume.

What does Jack think is the bravest thing he’s ever done?

Jack writes that the bravest thing he’s ever done is to be friends with August.