Who is ME Bank owned by?

the Bank of Queensland Group (BOQ)
In 2021, ME became part of the Bank of Queensland Group (BOQ), giving ME a wider network and deeper resources to invest back into services, technology and products for our customers.

Is members equity a bank?

In 2003, Members Equity Bank obtained a financial services licence and began offering financial services, in addition to bank deposit accounts. Also in 2003, the bank achieved $10 billion in funds under management. In 2009, Members Equity Bank was re-branded to “ME Bank”, and in 2015, ‘ME Bank’ was shortened to ‘ME’.

What is the branch name for ME Bank?

No – we don’t have any branches. ME is an all-digital bank, which means that the money we save on physical branches can be returned to customers via our competitive rates.

Is ME Bank an online bank?

ME Bank – The Online Bank – Home Loans, Bank Accounts & More – ME Bank.

Is ME Bank guaranteed by the government?

Your savings with ME are protected by a deposit guarantee from the Australian Government. This is further supported by ME’s strong financial position, corporate governance frameworks and our Bank of Queensland Group (BOQ) backing.

What has happened to ME Bank?

Bank of Queensland has agreed to buy ME Bank from its industry super fund shareholders for $1.325 billion after months of negotiations.

Where does ME Bank come from?

We were created in 1994 as alternative to the big four, to help everyday Australians reach the dream of owning their own home. And today while we offer a full suite of banking products, we’ve never forgotten our roots.

How do I deposit cash into my ME account?

You can deposit cash at any post office displaying the [email protected] symbol. Just take your card and PIN along to your nearest branch – which you can find here. Cheques can be deposited at any [email protected] branch, as long as they’re in one name only and the name on the cheque matches the name on your ME debit card.

What ATM can I use with ME Bank?

You can use your Debit Mastercard® to withdraw cash for free from: over 2,100 atmx by Armaguard ATMs, our preferred ATM network, all BOQ Branch ATMs, and.

How do I set up a ME Bank?

Right, you’re all set. Enjoy banking at your fingertips….Set up the app and register your device.

  1. Launch the app from your mobile.
  2. Enter your customer ID and access code.
  3. We’ll send you an SMS code to the mobile number we have on file.
  4. Take a moment to read the Electronic Access Terms and Conditions.

Does ME Bank have an app?

– ME Bank. Bank anywhere with ME’s handy mobile app.

Can bank lose your money?

When the investments go poorly, it can lead to bank failures. For example, if a large number of borrowers go bankrupt and can’t pay back their mortgage loans to a bank, the bank takes a loss on the unpaid loans and may not have enough money to cover all their deposits.