Who is Nattamai teacher?

A new teacher (Rani), comes to the village and everyone suspects an illegitimate relationship between her and Pasupathi. One day, the teacher gets killed along with a death note mentioning Pasupathi as the reason behind her death, following which Nattamai expels Pasupathi out of the village.

What is the meaning of Nattamai?

Nattamai (transl. Village Chief) is a 1994 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It starred Sarath Kumar, Meena and Khusbhu .

What is the story of subramaniapuram?

Two friends kill for profit, then one betrays the other by leaving him at the mercy of rivals; years later when released from prison, the traitor is stabbed and slowly killed in the hospital by his former ally.Subramaniapuram / Film synopsis

Is Pedarayudu a remake of a movie?

Peda Rayudu (1995) was a remake of Tamil movie “Nattamai” (1994). The movie “Nattamai was then later remade in Hindi as “Bulundi”. Rajnikanth starred in the Telugu remake of Nattamai , “Pedarayudu” (1995) and the Hindi remake, “Bulundi” (2000). He played the same role in both remake films.

Who is the director of Nattamai?

K. S. RavikumarNattamai / Director

Who is the director of Suryavamsam?

VikramanSurya Vamsam / Director

Who is the heroine of subramaniapuram?

Swathi ReddyTulasi
Kaajal PasupathiSpecial appearance in theme songMaariDumkaSwati

Who is the director of subramaniapuram?

M. SasikumarSubramaniapuram / Director

What is the age of Mohan Babu?

70 years (March 19, 1952)Mohan Babu / Age

Who is the music director of Suryavamsam?

S. A. RajkumarSurya Vamsam / Music composed by

Who is villain in Sooryavansham?

Amitabh Bachchan starred movie Sooryavansham is one of the most talked movies in social media, due to its repeated telecast on Set Max TV channel. So, if you have also watched this movie, then you must have remembered its villain, Deshraju Thakur? This role was played by a very famous actor Mukesh Rishi.