Who is on the Alien Workshop team?

Company operates out of 5,000square feet in back of CS Skates Distribution in Dayton, Ohio, which is the brand’s exclusive distributor. Original team includes pros Neil Blender and Steve Claar, who are soon joined by ams Rob Dyrdek, Scott Conklin, Duane Pitre, Bo Turner, and Thomas Morgan.

Does Alien Workshop have a team?

We staff a very small, but dedicated crew, who work to continue the Alien Workshop legacy and appreciate the support the world has offered The Workshop through the years.

Who skates for Habitat?

The Habitat Skate Team The Habitat team includes legends and young guns such as Silas Baxter-Neal, Stefan Janoski, Daryl Angel, Marius Syvanen, Danny Garcia, Marc Suciu, Fred Gall, Kerry Getz and Brian Delatorre.

Who runs darkroom skateboards?

Don Pendleton
DRKRM. Don Pendleton has, over the course of 20 years, become one of skateboarding’s most accomplished artists.

Are Alien Workshop wheels good?

They definitely do sacrifice strength for pop though I never had any problems with them snapping quicker than any other deck and I skated LOTS of handrails and big ass stair sets up to 14. The only downside is that Don doesn’t do the beautiful artwork anymore, sadly. Here was my favorite deck for anyone who cares.

Where is Jerry Hsu now?

U.S. Jerry Hsu (born December 17, 1981) is a Taiwanese-American skateboarder, photographer and currently owner of clothing company “Sci-Fi Fantasy”. As of October 2018, Hsu does not have pro status in skateboarding anymore and has no sponsors.

Who is Fred Gall?

Fred Gall doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s been one of the most recognizable faces of East coast skating since his early days as a Philly transplant with Jerry Fisher, Ricky Oyola and the Sub Zero crew.

Is Habitat a good skateboard brand?

They are very durable, and have a solid grip against any surface you ride across. Habitat also has a great selection of skateboarding apparel.