Who is the actress in The Longest Day?

Irina DemickJanine Boitard
ArlettyMadame BarraultPauline CartonMaidFrançoise Rosayune paysanneMadeleine RenaudMother Superior
The Longest Day/Actresses

How many stars were in the movie The Longest Day?

‘Longest Day:’ Facts About The D-Day Movie With 42 Stars.

Who played Gen Omar Bradley in The Longest Day?

Karl MaldenPatton
James RemarIke: Countdown to D-DayChuck LiddellD-DayFred StuthmanMacArthur
General Omar Bradley/Played by

Who played Roosevelt in the longest day?

Henry Fonda
The Longest Day (1962) – Henry Fonda as Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

Where was the longest day filmed?

The Longest Day was produced by 20th-Century Fox chief Darryl F. Zanuck, a war buff, who marshaled his tremendous energies to deploy a huge cast and massive amounts of military equipment. The Longest Day took 10 months to film at 31 locations in France and Corsica, including the actual invasion sites.

Was the longest day filmed in Colour?

Due to the heavy resistance of the German soldiers, all hell breaks loose at the beach in the Normandie but there are lots and lots of casualties… Until the release of Schindler’s List, The Longest Day was the most expensive black and white film ever made. And that fact oozes out of every single frame – if you will.

When did the movie The Longest Day come out?

October 4, 1962 (USA)The Longest Day / Release date

What beach was used in the film The Longest Day?

Filmed at 31 separate locations, much of the film’s action was staged on actual D-Day battlefields, including the beaches of Normandy and the seaside town of Ste. Mère Eglise.

Who are the actors in the longest day?

The Longest Day Starring John Wayne Henry Fonda Robert Mitchum Se Music by Maurice Jarre Cinematography Jean Bourgoin Walter Wottitz Edited by Samuel E. Beetley

Why did The Longest Day not have a theatrical release?

Because Fox was suffering with the financial losses of Cleopatra, the studio intended that The Longest Day should have a wide release to reap quick profits. Zanuck forced them to do a proper roadshow theatrical release, even threatening to sell distribution to Warner Bros. if Fox had refused to do so.

Who is Colonel Thompson in Longest Day?

^ Colonel Thompson of the 6th Engineer Special Brigade is listed in Longest Day [p.308]; however unlike the movie he survived the battle. In the film, a line from Thompson about getting the troops off the beaches is actually a quote that was spoken by Norman Cota. ^ “BBC June 2019”.