Who is the CEO of Glu Mobile?

Nick Earl (Nov 10, 2016–)Glu Mobile / CEO

Where is Glu Mobile located?

San Francisco
Glu Mobile is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games. Founded in 2001, Glu is headquartered in San Francisco with additional locations in Foster City, Toronto and Hyderabad.

What is Glu Mobile worth?

Electronic Arts announced in February 2021 that it plans to acquire Glu in a deal estimated at US$2.4 billion.

Who is Nick Earl?

Nick Earl is the CEO at Glu Mobile . Additionally, Nick Earl has had 3 past jobs including SVP & GM at Electronic Arts .

Is Glu Mobile still in business?

– Electronic Arts Completes Acquisition of Glu Mobile, Creating a New Global Leader in Mobile Gaming.

What happened to Glu Games Inc?

The company announced that its latest major acquisition, for Glu Mobile, has closed. That deal was reached in February. Under its terms, Electronic Arts agreed to acquire Glu Mobile in an all-cash deal for $2.1 billion in enterprise value.

What does Glu stand for?

Glu: Glutamic acid.

What is Glu and Glut?

glu: This is OpenGL utilities library, which has been not updated for long time. Don’t need to use this header file. glut: OpenGL Utility Toolkit for Windowing API. This is good for small to medium size OpenGL program.

What happens to my Glu Mobile stock?

On 4/30/2021, Electronic Arts (EA) completed its acquisition of Glu Mobile (GLUU). As part of this transaction, GLUU ceased trading on the Nasdaq Exchange beginning 4/30/2021. All shareholders of GLUU will receive $12.50 cash for every 1 GLUU share previously held.

How does Glu Mobile make money?

Based on Glu Mobile’s 2020 revenue of $540 million, EA paid four times sales, which is at the low end of what other video game stocks sell for on a price-to-sales basis.

What happened Glu Mobile?

Did EA acquire Glu Mobile?

Electronic Arts Completes Acquisition of Glu Mobile, Creating a New Global Leader in Mobile Gaming. Acquisition brings together two leading mobile organizations with expert, mobile-first teams and complementary games across the sports, lifestyle, mid-core, and casual genres.