Who is the girl in Infinity 2008 music video?

Janina Wissler
Janina Mrosek (born 18 November 1983 as Janina Wissler) is a German model, actress and TV host. She is known for her appearance in the 2008 music video for Guru Josh Project’s song “Infinity 2008”.

What genre is Infinity 2008?


Who made infinity the song?

Infinity (Guru Josh song)

Songwriter(s) Paul Walden
Producer(s) Guru Josh
Guru Josh singles chronology
“Infinity” (1989) “Whose Law (Is It Anyway)” (1990)

How old is the Song Infinity?

“Infinity” is a song by American singer-songwriter Jaymes Young, released as a single on June 23, 2017, from his debut studio album Feel Something. In 2021, the song went viral on TikTok, where it has appeared in 5.2 million videos so far.

When did Infinity Guru Josh come out?

1990Infinity / Released

When did infinity come out?

The Official Launch: 1989. By 1989, the new division launched the INFINITI with over 50 dealers all over the United States. Initially, there were two models available.

What is the math symbol to represent the infinite?

infinity, the concept of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound. The common symbol for infinity, ∞, was invented by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

When did infinity Guru Josh come out?

How old is Momo Boyd?

Momo. Thalia Mozia Boyd, aka Momo, is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist. She plays the guitar and the bass, she officially started singing with her family at the age of 5 and is one of five members of the sibling band, Infinity’s Song.

Is Guru Josh still alive?

December 28, 2015Guru Josh / Date of death

Who was the saxophone player in Guru Josh?

Mad Mick
In response, Walden decided to explore the burgeoning rave scene, then reinvented himself as Guru Josh, making house music with his band’s saxophone player, known as Mad Mick. The result was Infinity, which opened with Mick’s plaintive saxophone and contained the chant “1990s, time for the guru”.