Who is the guy in the opening scene of Iron Man 2?

Ivan Antonovich Vanko, also known as Whiplash was the son of Soviet physicist Anton Vanko, and is a skilled physicist in his own right. He was portrayed by Mickey Rourke.

What donut was Iron Man Eating?

Randy’s Donuts
Confrontation with Iron Man Tony Stark in the Randy’s Donuts sign Tony Stark flew to Inglewood in his Iron Man Armor after his last birthday party, where he got drunk while donning the armor.

What is the element called that Tony Stark created in Iron Man 2?

In the Iron Man 2 novelization, the element created by Tony Stark to replace palladium in the Arc Reactor is called vibranium.

What is Badassium?

“Badassium” is the name that Tony Stark was trying to get patented for the element he discovered and synthesized in Iron Man 2. After watching Captain Marvel, it is known that Mar-Vell had developed the FTL engine off of energy drawn from the Tesseract.

What does the Russian guy say in Iron Man 2?

Ivan Vanko : Speaks in Russian: Slishkom mnogo govorish’ “You talk too much.”

How much did Scarlett Johansson make for Iron Man 2?

She raised her salary from US$400,000 – for her first appearance in Iron Man 2 – to US$15 million in Infinity War and Endgame, according to Yahoo! News. She also recently earned US$20 million for her first solo superhero movie Black Window this year – although this was less than she perhaps hoped to bank.

What does Tony Stark eat?

His favorite food of all time happens to be one he shares with Tony Stark — a cheeseburger, but not just any cheeseburger.

Is vibranium a real metal?

Vibranium is Not Real Vibranium was created by Marvel comics in 1966, first appearing in Daredevil #13. Originally shrouded in mystery, the fictional metal was fleshed out across various comic lines over the next few years. Vibranium is actually an alien metal that crashed to earth, hence its fantastical properties.

Is vibranium possible?

Vibranium, the metal in the movie, doesn’t exist in real life, but this substance might be the closest we can get.

Who is Tony Stark’s father in Iron Man 2?

John Slattery appears as Tony’s father Howard Stark and Garry Shandling appears as United States Senator Stern, who wants Stark to give Iron Man’s armor to the government. Favreau stated that Shandling’s character was named after radio personality Howard Stern.

Did Sam Rockwell almost play Tony Stark in’Iron Man 2′?

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Is Iron Man 2 as good as the original?

“Iron Man 2” is a polished, high-octane sequel, not as good as the original but building once again on a quirky performance by Robert Downey Jr. ^ Lovece, Frank (May 6, 2010).

What was the name of the dam used for Iron Man 2?

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