Who is the leader of Jamiat ul Mujahideen?

Leaders. Since its foundation, the group was led by Maulana Abdur Rahman, a.k.a. Siddiqul Islam a.k.a. Bangla Bhai, and Shaykh Abdur Rahman. Six of their top men were captured by RAB security authorities in 2005.

What is JMB terrorism?

Operatives of the Jamaat-e-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), who were arrested in Bhopal in connection with terror activities recently, have claimed that they had received funding from Kolkata. A team of state Anti-Terrorism Squad has left for West Bengal to probe into the funding sources.

Who started Tehreek e Mujahideen?

Yunus Khan
The Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen (TuM) was formed in June 1990 by Yunus Khan, a close associate of Mohammed Abdullah Tairi, chief of the Jammu and Kashmir Jamaat-e-Ahle-Hadith. The TuM aims to merge the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) with Pakistan and also promote a pan-Islamist identity.

What is the purpose of JMB?

The JMB is a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal. It comprises the developer and the purchasers and is responsible for the maintenance and management of the building and common property in a strata development project. The duties and powers of a JMB are set out in section 21 of the SMA.

Was bin Laden Mujahideen?

He was born in Saudi Arabia and studied at university in the country until 1979, when he joined Mujahideen forces in Pakistan fighting against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Can JMB cut water supply?

By ARIFF SHAH R.K. (Stock image for illustration purposes) There is a dispute on whether a joint management body (JMB) or management corporation (MC) are allowed to disrupt the water supply of residents who have defaulted on their payments.

Can JMB sue developer?

Do take note that legal action should be the last option. Bear in mind, that only the developer, Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC) are the parties that you can sue as they are the ones who make all the decisions pertaining to the upkeep of your place.

What is the difference between Deobandi and Barelvi?

Deobandi Islam, as compared to Barelvi Islam, is seen as harder Islam, adhering to strict Islamic rituals. Barelvis on the other hand were seen as more moderate, following Sufi mysticism and emphasising a spiritual connection to God.

Do the Mujahideen still exist?

The widespread use of the word in English began with reference to the guerrilla-type militant groups led by the Islamist Afghan fighters in the Soviet–Afghan War (see Afghan mujahideen). The term now extends to other jihadist groups in various countries such as Myanmar (Burma), Cyprus, and the Philippines.