Who is the mayor of Dusseldorf?

Thomas Geisel
Since 2014, Thomas Geisel has served as mayor of Düsseldorf, a city that consistently ranks extremely highly in Mercer’s Quality of Living City Rankings.

What does Dusseldorf mean in German?

(ˈdʊsəlˌdɔːf , German ˈdysəldɔrf ) an industrial city in W Germany, capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, on the Rhine: commercial centre of the Rhine-Ruhr industrial area.

What language do they speak in Düsseldorf?

The West Central German language area is of Central Franconian, Central Ripparian origin. Düsseldorf is largely located above the Benrath line, making it part of the low German language area, however, it is also categorized as a South Lower Franconian language area.

Is Düsseldorf a good place to live?

Is Dusseldorf a good place to live? Düsseldorf is the sixth most liveable city in the world. No wonder internationals feel so at home in Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is home to mostly Asian internationals, so it’s no surprise that even with English you’ll quickly settle in as an international with no language barrier.

What language is spoken in Dusseldorf?

How do you pronounce Frankfurt?


  1. IPA: [ˈfrɒŋkfurt]
  2. Rhymes: -urt.
  3. Hyphenation: Frank‧furt.

Is Dusseldorf a good place to live?

As the 2nd largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf has transformed itself over the years into being one of the best places to live in Germany. It has exceptional international schools, superb infrastructure that has a futuristic feel, excellently renovated city centre and a cosmopolitan feel.

What is the Düsseldorf city council?

The Düsseldorf city council ( Düsseldorfer Stadtrat) governs the city alongside the Mayor. The most recent city council election was held on 13 September 2020, and the results were as follows: Animal Welfare Here! (Tierschutz hier!)

What is the population of Düsseldorf?

It is the second-largest city in the state and the seventh-largest city in Germany, with a population of 617,280. Düsseldorf is located at the confluence of two rivers: the Rhine and the Düssel, a small tributary.

What is Düsseldorf famous for?

The city’s best-known contribution to the culture of modern popular music is the influential avant-garde electronic band Kraftwerk. Formed by a few Düsseldorf-born musicians, Kraftwerk is internationally known as the most significant band in the history of post-war German music and as pioneers in electronic music.

Is Düsseldorf a good city to live in?

Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living survey ranked Düsseldorf the sixth most livable city in the world. Düsseldorf Airport is Germany’s third-busiest airport after those of Frankfurt and Munich, serving as the most important international airport for the inhabitants of the densely populated Ruhr, Germany’s largest urban area.