Who is the villain in Lightspeed Rescue?

Diabolico. Diabolico (a name based on the word “diabolical,” whose root comes from the Spanish for “devil”) is the primary villain for the first part of the Lightspeed Rescue series.

Who is the main villain in Power Rangers Time Force?

Ransik is a former criminal mutant from the year 3000, who traveled back in time to 2001 in order to control Earth before Time Force existed. He is the last criminal in the year 3000, the most powerful mutant of all, and the now redeemed main antagonist of Power Rangers Time Force.

Who played Vypra power Rangers?

Enter Vypra, a demon who donned slick serpentine armor and wasn’t afraid to employ evil magic against her colorful enemies. In the early 2000s, Vypra was played by Chinese-American actressJennifer Yen, who has swiftly gone from powerful villainess in the fictional world to a kick-butt female entrepreneur.

Who is the main antagonist of Power Rangers Turbo?

Divatox is the main villain in Power Rangers: Turbo and a minor antagonist of In Space. She is also known as the Intergalactic Pirate Queen of Evil and the Toxic Diva. An extremely egotistical pirate boss, Divatox is consistently after whatever will make her famous, powerful, and rich.

What came after Lightspeed Rescue?

Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Original release February 12 – November 18, 2000
Preceded by Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Followed by Power Rangers Time Force

Who is the Quantum Ranger?

Eric Myers
Eric Myers is the Quantum Ranger, the sixth Ranger of the Time Force Rangers.

Is Master Org a human?

Mandilok is the Org General who later claimed the title of Master Org. She was freed by Jindrax and Toxica to replace Viktor Adler after they found out he was just a human with Org powers.

Is Wes related to Alex Power Rangers?

Alex Drake Alex is the former Red Time Force Ranger, and Jen’s former fiancé. He is the descendant of Wesley Collins who is known for doing everything by the book and is obsessed with his job. He is supposedly killed by Ransik in the first episode yet barely survives.

Who owns Yensa beauty?

Jennifer Yen
Videobite: Interview with Jennifer Yen, CEO & Founder, Purlisse and Yensa Beauty. Lessons learned in launching her two beauty brands: ‘Always listen and learn. ‘

Who replaced Zordon?

Dimitria is a being from the planet Inquirus who succeeds Zordon as the Turbo Rangers’s new mentor as he left for Eltar. She is portrayed by Carol Hoyt. Alpha 6 appears at the Power Chamber who succeed Alpha 5. She is voiced by Katerina Luciani.

Who is the sixth Turbo Ranger?

The original “Sixth Ranger” was Tommy Oliver, a.k.a. the Green Ranger, who joined the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ other five members. While many of the 28 seasons of Power Rangers feature new Rangers, villains, and overall aesthetic, there are many characteristics that fans have come to expect from each installment.