Who is the woman in charge of Alexandria Walking Dead?

Tovah Feldshuh
Deanna Monroe

Deanna/Douglas Monroe
Adapted by Scott M. Gimple (The Walking Dead)
Portrayed by Tovah Feldshuh
In-universe information
Occupation Ohio U.S. congressperson Leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Who is Lucille in The Walking Dead?

In the Season 10 ender, the grizzled survivor reminisces about his badass late wife, Lucille, played by Morgan’s own spouse, Hilarie Burton. Expect flashbacks to their time together pre- and post-apocalypse, Lucille’s cancer battle, and the birth of the other Lucille — Negan’s signature bat.

Who is the lady on the phone in TWD?

Prison. Rick (Andrew Lincoln), still trying to cope with the death of his wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) after childbirth, is alone in the prison boiler room where she had died when the phone rings. He answers it to hear the voice of Amy (Emma Bell) telling him she is in a safe place and will call back later.

Who is the junkyard lady in The Walking Dead?

Pollyanna McIntosh
Jadis (also known as Anne and later Jadis Stokes) is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which air on AMC in the United States and are based on the comic book series of the same name. She is portrayed by Pollyanna McIntosh.

Who is the blonde Reaper walking dead?

However, she ultimately decides to remain with the Reapers to save what’s left of her family rather than join Daryl. After she betrays Daryl, Leah becomes the leader of the Reapers. She shows her ruthlessness, and tries to make sure no one from Maggie’s group makes it out alive.

Is Lucille Negan’s wife in real-life?

The Walking Dead: Negan’s origin story is revealed with his wife Lucille played by real-life wife Hillarie Burton in the Season 10 finale. Negan’s tragic backstory was finally revealed – along with his wife Lucille (played by real-life wife Hillarie Burton) on Sunday’s Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead.

Is Negan’s wife his real wife?

Negan, but that’s going to be corrected very soon as Lucille – played by Morgan’s real-life wife Hilarie Burton-Morgan – is coming to life and featuring heavily in the final episode of 10c of The Walking Dead, which begins airing in February.

What does Lori say to Rick on the phone?

(Lesson learned: when you love someone, tell him or her, because he or she might die and turn into a zombie at any time.) Lori tells Rick she loves him, and to take care of their children. The phone call breaks up and Rick loses the connection to Walking Dead’s afterlife hotline. He weeps.

What is Jadis A and B?

“A” or “B” World Beyond Season 2 Episode 7 confirms “A” means “test subject” and “B” indicates an asset when Jadis, now Warrant Officer Stokes of the CRM, investigates a missing vial stolen from the Civic Republic Research Facility where Lyla conducts classified experiments on empties.

Why does Jadis speak like that?

I was surprised by how natural it felt to me to speak that way – because she is so minimalist with everything, and her people are, and you know nothing is wasted. “It made sense to me already, and she’s very precise about what she wants your response to be.” McIntosh added: “I like the weirdness of the language.