Who is Tina Cole married to?

Volney Howard IIITina Cole / Spouse (m. 1965–1970)

Who is Don Grady’s wife?

Virginia Lewsaderm. 1985–2012
Julie Boonisarm. 1976–1979
Don Grady/Wife

Did Tina Cole have children?

Fillmore Pajeau Crank III
Samantha CrankChelsea Yvonne CrankVolney Howard
Tina Cole/Children

What happened to the wife on My Three Sons?

She was 82. Ms. Garland, who also was an involved owner of her namesake hotel in North Hollywood, died Friday evening after a lengthy illness at her Hollywood Hills home, said son-in-law Packy Smith.

Why did Don Grady not like Tina Cole?

Don Grady almost left the show when Tina Cole was cast as Katie. In an interview, Cole revealed that Grady felt she wasn’t his type. As it turned out, they eventually fell in love in real life and almost got married not once, but twice.

Do chip and Polly get married?

Chip (Stanley Livingston) and Polly (Ronne Troup) are married, and on their way to Mexico for their honeymoon. They encounter car problems and hotel reservation problems, and have to spend their first married night in separate rooms.

Did Tina Cole and Don Grady have a relationship?

Tim Considine and Meredith MacRae dated in real life while they were on the show while Don Grady and Tina Cole almost got married in real life. They broke up shortly before Grady left the show.

What did Lani O’Grady pass away from?

September 25, 2001Lani O’Grady / Date of death

Why did Mike leave My Three Sons?

In 1964, Considine — who had written two episodes of My Three Sons and directed another — told producers that he was quitting. “I gave them a year’s notice and told them I didn’t want to do it anymore,” he said in a 1997 interview. “I got along great with ’em, I loved them all, I was just tired of doing that.

How did Ernie get on My Three Sons?

To keep the emphasis on “three sons”, original youngest son Chip’s (Stanley Livingston) friend Ernie (Barry Livingston) was adopted. In the program’s later years, Steven Douglas married Barbara Harper (Beverly Garland) and adopted her young daughter Dorothy Anne (“Dodie”) (Dawn Lyn).