Who owns CHEX tv?

Corus Entertainment

Peterborough, Ontario Canada
Affiliations Global (2018–present)
Owner Corus Entertainment (591987 B.C. Ltd.)
Sister stations CHEX-DT-2, CIII-DT, CKRU-FM, CKWF-FM

What is on Chex TV tonight?


Time TV Show
1:00 pm Days of Our Lives 04-27-2022 – Season 57 Episode 144
2:00 pm Wall of Chefs Duelling Desserts – Season 1 Episode 7
3:00 pm The Drew Barrymore Show Natasha Lyonne, Antoni Porowski, Drew’s News – Season 1 Episode 240
4:00 pm Carnival Eats Get Him to the Greek Pizza – Season 4 Episode 9

Where is CHEX tv?

Peterborough, Ontario
A Division of Corus Entertainment, CHEX TV is a full service commercial television station, broadcasting from Peterborough, Ontario since 1955. CHEX TV is a CBC affilate and offers a wide range of programs from local and national news, to sports and documentaries.

What channel is Durham news?

CHANNEL 12 became Global News Durham in October 2016.

What’s on global Peterborough tonight?

CHEX CTV Global Peterborough

Time TV Show
5:30 pm Global National
6:00 pm CHEX News at Six
7:00 pm Ontario Election Leaders’ Debate
8:30 pm 9-1-1 Starting Over – Season 5 Episode 18

How can I watch CHEX TV in Peterborough?

Watch CHEX TV on the following channels: – Shaw Direct Satellite: channel 142 HD. – Bell Satellite: channel 217. – Bell Fibe: channel 1205.

What channel is global Peterborough on Bell satellite?

Included Channels

Accessible Media Inc TV 48
Global Peterborough (CHEX-TV) 217
CHCH-TV – News and Movies 218
CTV2 Toronto 219
CTV2 London 220

What is on CHCH right now?


Time TV Show
8:00 pm Your Home, Your Vote: Ontario 2022 Post-Debate Show
8:30 pm Time of Death
10:30 pm Access Hollywood
11:00 pm Evening News at Eleven 30 Mins – Season 1 Episode 1

What channel is global Durham on Bell?

Note: Sports programming requires an additional subscription for certain business types….Included Channels.

Citytv Edmonton (CKEM-TV) 241
V Gatineau (CFGS) 543
Global Durham (CHEX-TV2) 583
CTV Kitchener (CKCO) 584
CTV2 Wheatley 585

What channel is global on Bell?

Included Channels

Global Okanagan (CHBC) 654
CBC Ottawa HD (CBOT-DT) 1040
CBC HD 1050
CTV – Toronto HD 1051
Global -Toronto HD 1052

Why is CHCH off the air?

“CHCH has been faced with greatly reduced funding and national advertising revenue,” he said. Bankruptcy trustee expert and co-founder of Hoyes Michalos, Douglas Hoyes, said terminated “employees become creditors of the bankruptcy.” CHCH first went on the air back in 1954.